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Have you ever watched a horror flick and thought, "I could write something even better than that." Well, step up to the plate. This might be your chance.

Eli Roth's CryptTV is searching for a sick and twisted mind to form the terrifying backstory for the character known as Chainsaw, who enjoys pretending to be a creepy character in a haunted house attraction located in a carnival.

In reality, he has no problem be-heading and de-limbing college kids and carnies like there's no tomorrow.

We caught up with the man himself - horror icon Eli Roth, not Chainsaw (whew) - for a little background on this awesome new CryptTV initiative.

Involving the audience in that [creative] process for Chainsaw seemed like a natural fit because we're really offering it directly to the people who care. We partnered with Culprit Creative on our Snapchat murder mystery and saw how rabid the fan interaction was. Working together again with Culprit we saw an opportunity to involve people on something that, while its only up for 48 hours, will live on in future iterations."

And to be clear, those 48 hours Eli is talking about are winding down as you read!

You'll want to click here and sign up with your name and email. That will take you to an insanely creepy and disturbing video in which Chainsaw satisfies his craving for some blood and gore.

After you watch the scene, you can expect updates through your email, with the opportunity to showcase your incredibly creepy talents in describing the origins of Chainsaw.

If you followed CryptTV's scary Snapchat story this past summer, you know just how far Eli Roth and CryptTV co-founder Jack Davis will push the boundaries. They're changing the horror game, and they're doing it through social and digital, listening to the fan pulse and giving us what we love.

Feel like this one is perfect for all you Moviepilot creators out there. Show off your writing chops with the chance to help tell an Eli Roth horror story, and don't be afraid to unleash even the darkest and most grotesque that comes to mind. Sometimes the gorier, the better.


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