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Sonequa Martin Green-(Sasha) answers questions!

PopSugar: The season finale of the fifth season ended on a really intense note. Can you tell from where this new season will start?

Sonequa Martin Green: "Well, we arrived to a "cliff" of change, indeed. You know, you see the Alexandrians really starting to live life as we know it must be lived. It is as if a veil had been lifted. So we see Morgan and it will be interesting to see how the dynamics, the new dynamic between Morgan and Rick is formed. I think this will give a very convincing way, for the birth of the atmosphere of this story, the story of The Walking Dead, these two characters."

PS: Yes, that's where it all started!

Sonequa Martin Green: "They were the biggest defining what is this world ... they had everything to do with it, so I think it's great that they come together, and we'll see how all this will unfold."

PS: This really is a great time of completion. I think the crazy part is that Morgan was looking for Rick this entire time. He had in mind the idea of how Rick would be. As Morgan will be a factor to be taken into account in the new season?

Sonequa Martin Green:" Did you see Morgan back. [He and Rick] had their bouts as men, had heavy losses, and we saw them on the edge. The last time we saw Morgan, or the last time that these characters themselves, it was crazy. He had lost his mind temporarily ... We definitely see that a bit on his journey and see how he comes out of this state and got where we are."

PS: Going back to Sasha. In the fifth season, she experienced many losses. We still will see it struggling with these issues or it will finally have a chance to fix it?

Sonequa Martin Green: "What I said enough is you certainly expect there to be a fix. You certainly expect there to be a light at the end of the tunnel, a reason to move on. To keep moving forward. We saw her reach the bottom. Sasha is facing the decision of life or death. Everything was torn from her; currently it all comes down to this fundamental question."

PS: And in that world, SO many people are facing the question, "I continue to move forward or give up?"

Sonequa Martin Green: "Right. Exactly. It is a theme. It is a trend in the series, always has been. We live in a world of death, and it has many different meanings. So Sasha is facing this issue as never before, I have memories of these wonderful men and have a choice to make. And I hope you make the right choice."

PS: You know, I noticed that each season is gloomier compared to the previous. The sixth season will be equally bleak? There is a light at the end of the tunnel?

Sonequa Martin Green: "Unfortunately, such a world only becomes increasingly bleak in a sense. If you keep true to it, things just get more and more perverse as the story goes, because they are increasingly distant from the social systems that are used. However, the very Alexandria is a beacon of hope for all of us, it is the most sustainable community we've seen. I think that while the world outside is becoming increasingly grim amid this, you can see a new home. That's an interesting dichotomy."

PS: Much of the series is a commentary on humanity and what is "buried" within. So who are the real monsters of the series: the walkers or the main characters?

Sonequa Martin Green : (Laughing)" We certainly raise this issue in season. Which is a greater threat? Walkers or human beings? Some people would say that they are human. These walkers, they outnumber us by far, but we know how to kill them, understand this science at this point. It has more to do with quantity control than anything else. But humans, people who were criminals, to begin with, these types of people can do anything. Are unpredictable, are dangerous, they are not trustworthy. I agree with what most people say that humans now, at this point in history, is a major threat."

PS: I agree! They are also smarter. You can fool a walker, but it's hard to fool a human being.

Sonequa Martin Green : "Exactly."

PS: This is such a heavy series. I'm sure you all feel that way on set. How did you and the cast keep the mood light and fun between takes?

Sonequa Martin Green:" We had a great time with each other. I think it's important to do this. We will do a better job if we are relaxed and comfortable and we enjoy each other's company. You know, we were laughing, joking and joking with each other. We causing us; we do a lot."

PS: Can you tell us a joke you made on set?

Sonequa Martin Green: "I never have an answer to that question! Josh [McDermitt] and I would scare Norman [Reedus] once in his trailer. We would go there, we would hide and would jump out to scare you, but I think we have been called to the set when we were trying to talk about the plan. So are little things. We back each other; We do all sorts of things. It's funny."

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