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I will never admit to being the biggest Captain America fan. Not through any disdain or lack of interest; I just never saw nor read enough of the character.

When I learned that Cap was getting a big screen adaptation for 2011, I was going in open-minded because like with most comic-book flicks that have never been adapted before, I don't know what to expect.
I vaguely remember the TV Movie from years before and it was ok. Not great, but I knew the basic premise of the character's origin to get by.

Hearing that Chris Evans who had previously been the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four series was a little surreal as I still had the image of the cocky, arrogant & narcissistic tendencies of him as Johnny Storm still fresh in my head; and I'm like "him?" But, I like to give people a chance to impress me and in the Summer of 2011, he not only impressed as the title role but he convinced me that he could help be one of the people that would carry the Marvel movie franchise on his back.

I really appreciated the never back down attitude of Steve Rogers even when he had the timid frame and other limitations that made him less eligible to join the Army and yet he still refused to give in.

As Cap, he became this near unstoppable soldier that didn't take no for an answer and proved his peers and even friends wrong.

Tommy Lee Jones was very likable as the badass and amusing Colonel Colchester Phillips. It is a character you've seen countless times in movies, but he just made his role so believable by cutting through the middle and adding jokes to his repertoire. Like when Cap is trying to board the plane after kissing Peggy Carter, he turns to Phillips and retorts "I ain't kissing you."

It was kind of generic to have Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull as he seems to be typecast for playing heels. Whether it's being the Decepticon Megatron, Agent Smith in the Matrix Series or Francis Aberline in the Wolf-man. He does know how to play them well but that said I would like him to step out of that once in a while and actually play a good guy.

As the last Avenger Prequel; this was head and shoulders above anything else that was out in 2011.


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