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Ever since it was announced that Jay Garrick would be on The Flash season 2, there has been heavy speculation that we may be seeing the Justice Society of America on the show. Because of this, and since it was revealed in the season premiere that there will more than likely be a lot of characters from other dimensions coming to the show, I would like to come up with actors that could play the members of the team. Some of these members are already cast, however, so let's take a look at them first.

Jay Garrick: Teddy Sears

Hawkman: Falk Hentschel

The Spectre: Emmett Scanlan

These are the pre-cast characters that are on the show, but now without further ado, let's cast the rest of the team!

Green Lantern (Alan Scott): Jensen Ackles

If I can't see Jensen Ackles as Hal Jordan, then I want to see him as the next best thing! A reinvented Alan Scott that acts much like Hal Jordan would be Ackles' bread and butter, because his role on Supernatural basically is Green Lantern! (Minus the power ring of course)

Sandman: Jim Caviezel

If you've ever seen Person of Interest, then you know that Caviezel has what it takes to play the anti-hero, gun wielding type. He is shaped like a superhero, and he could really bring this gun-like weapon wielding member of the Justice Society to life.

Doctor Fate: Tom Mison

They've been teasing Doctor Fate on Arrow since at least last season, and I don't think that anyone could live up to the expectations of this character like Tom Mison could. If you've ever seen Sleepy Hollow, then you know that he is perfectly cut out for this role. He has the old English accent and feel down perfectly, and he's in the right shape to play a superhero.

Hourman: John Krasinski

While John Krasinski may not seem like the superhero type, he certainly has the stature and charisma to play the short-lived Hourman. He has proven that he can play action roles just as good as he can comedy roles, and I'm fairly certain that he could bring this superhero to life like we've never seen him before.

Atom (Al Pratt): Jake McDorman

With Al Pratt being the other dimension version of Ray Palmer, I can only assume that he has the same character traits. This being said, Jake McDorman has shown the attributes of Atom perfectly. He has his moments of great action scenes and hilarious comedy on Limitless, and he actually looks the part of the character uncannily.


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