ByEmily Wetzel, writer at

Okay so lets get started.

Vampire Diaries is one of my FAVORITE TV show's of all time! I could watch two seasons in a weekend.

The love stories are one of my favorite parts of the show. If you love forbidden love then this is your show for sure! Damon and Elena are soul mates and I don't care about what anyone say's about Elena and Stefan being soul mates. Fate needs a little kick in the back sometimes.

My other favorite part of the show is the tragedy. I know people would be like "WHAT HOW COULD YOU! THE TRAGEDY IS HORRIBLE!"Although I will admit that I have had a few good cries over character deaths. You know what? Who am I kidding? I have had MANY cries over the fictional deaths. I won't name any though( for your sake).

Well that's it. Sorry it was so short and I hope you try Vampire Diaries!


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