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The Cubs are on their way to the World Series for the first time ever, all it is is one more divisional series and then the Big Show. And if it happens it would be Back to the Future II that had predicted it!

Throughout the course of cinematic history there have been times when the movies have showcased what was considered futuristic technology in a fictional future. Now, presently, these movies are no longer feature "futuristic" tech, but present day innovations. Here are some examples:

MINORITY REPORT (2002): Motion based interface with computers

The movie featured motion interfaced computers that would activate by movement. We are already seeing this with the Kinect and PlayStation Move, as well as other various motion based technology.

METROPOLIS (1927): The Advent of Robots

The first glance into robots, back in 1927. The innovation in present day could one day yield sex robots, work robots and even robot for the military. It was this movie that was the at the forefront of technology and produced one of the most iconic robots in cinematic history.

These are not the only movies, but other movies, as well have showcased technology that is now available to consumers. Including:

Star Trek - Mobile communication devices
Short Circuit - Military Robotics
Back to the Future II - Wearable Technology

Here is a list of movies that took place in the near future, and the technology that we should be looking out for by year:

Year Predicted |Movie |Technology Featured
2016 | Stealth (2005) | Drone AI Stealth Warplanes
2017 | Fortress (1992) | Dream Reading
2017 | The Running Man (1987) | Game Show to the Death
2018 | Iron Sky (2012) | Nazi Space War Machines
2019 | Akira (1988) | Satellite Based Weaponry
2020-2025 | Pacific Rim (2013) | Neuro-Links
2019 | The Island (2005) | Clone Organ Harvesting
2019 | The Road (2009) | Sticks and Stones
2021 | Transcendence (2014) | Mind-Computer Transferring
2022 | Soylent Green (1973) | Human Meat Consumption

There you go, several movies and their technologies that may one day be possible.


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