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Jennifer Lawrence seems to be one of everyone's favorites right now. She's not only one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood right now, but she's got amazing acting range as seen on Silver Linings Playbook where she won a Golden Globe AND an Oscar. Everyone seems to love her, and partly because she seems so lovable and down to Earth.

Lawrence has two iconic roles in separate franchises under her belt in both Hunger Games and X-Men. Unfortunately for us, there's only one more Hunger Games film and Lawrence has announced that this next X-Men film will be her last. I can't help but dream about what future roles she'll play in what iconic franchises.

1. The Enchantress

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

The Enchantress, or Amora, is actually one of the biggest Marvel villains we have yet to see on the big screen. She's an Asgardian and easily the most versed in its magics. She has superhuman strength and healing as well as telepathy and teleportation.

In the cartoon Earth's Mightiest Heroes she worked with Loki and then later the Masters of Evil villain team led by Red Skull to take down the Avengers. She's typically seeking revenge for being banished from Asgard and an often recurring theme is her love for Thor, and her attempt to make him love her.

It would be totally awesome to see Amora fight the Avengers, it would be amazing to see her create the Masters of Evil and fight Thor, but how awesome would be it be to see Lawrence play such an evil and powerful character? In X-Men, Mystique is at least shades of gray, but Amora is pure evil!

2. Spider-Gwen

During the Spider-verse story line Spider-Gwen crosses into the mainstream universe with several Spider-mans from all different realities. She's quickly become a fan favorite as she gained her powers just like Peter Parker did, but in her universe he's ordinary and she's the superhero.

I think it may be a long time if-ever before we start to see alternate realities pop in the MCU. With the popularity of Gwen Stacy, and this alternate Spider-Gwen it seems like as Marvel has been vocal about trying to make this new Spider-man reboot different from the other two so we could get lucky! Jennifer Lawrence would be an awesome addition, and my first choice for this strong female role hero!

3. Moonstone

Another long standing Avengers villain, Moonstone could easily be seen as Captain Marvel's polar opposite. They both received their powers through Kree technology and they've both chosen distinctly different ways of life. Moonstone goes out of her way to be a villainous and evil as possible, she even joined Norman Osborn's version of Dark Avengers and posed as Captain Marvel on the team. Since their powers are similar it was easy to convince the world she was actually Captain Marvel. I would love to see Moonstone as the main villain in 2018's Captain Marvel, they would be very evenly matched and if she survived the movie we could see her join the MCU Phase 4 and possibly see her join the Masters of Evil.

Lawrence would bring a great sense of depth to this character with her wonderful acting talent and I would love to see this extreme villain become deep and complex. Lawrence would be perfect for that.

4. Tigra

Tigra is easily one of Marvel's oddest characters, but a year and a half ago I would have said that about Groot and Rocket Racoon too and they're household names now!

She's a character that has been around since 1972, so she has lots of deep history. With her superhuman strength, retractable claws, limited mysticism and black bikini she could be a great addition to the MCU!

Lawrence could literally play anything, so why not throw out one of the weirdest superheroes there is? The only reason I think it's unlikely is because Tigra would be more likely to show up with Iron Fist, Luke Cage and the others in the Defenders Netflix shows.

5. Loki

That's right....Loki has been a woman! Sort of anyway. Shortly after his death in the Ragnarok comics, Loki reappeared reincarnated as a female version of himself. It turned to be just Loki possessing Lady Sif but it was still a pretty fun concept! With Thor 3 being named "Ragnarok" it's likely we'll finally see the demise of our favorite trickster, but it's not outlandish to say he's already thought of a way to bring himself back from the dead as a backup plan! What if he does come back as a woman?

Again, I would love to see Lawrence play a character that is both so much fun and yet so evil! However, let's be honest, the most obvious choice for this role would be Jaimie Alexander who has played Lady Sif in both Thor films, and the television show Agents of Shield.

6. Moondragon

This extraterrestrial character fits into the Guardians of the Galaxy corner of the MCU where she's been both a hero and a villain, but most recently on the Guardian's team! She has extensive training in martial arts, and has extreme telepathic abilities. Shes's also openly bisexual and has had relationships with many long standing characters like Daredevil, Thor, and Quasar.

I would love to have an openly gay character in the MCU even if she is an alien! It would create some funny moments between Moondragon, Quill and Gamora!

I've said it a dozen times already, but really Lawrence has proven she can play anything and everything. If this was a DC article I'd recommend she'd play Batman. She could be awesome at it!


What Marvel character would you like to see Lawrence play?


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