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Well guys, we got another episode of our favorite superhero show, The Flash. I thought it was a pretty good episode. We get to meet Jay Garrick, Patty Spivot, Zoom, and other new characters. Well, let's get into this recap! Before we do, if you have not already, check out my first recap: The Flash: S2, Ep. 1 Recap. Who is Jay Garrick and When Will We Finally Meet Zoom?

Jay Garrick

Jay Garrick walks into S.T.A.R. Labs and expects Team Flash to trust him. He is from Earth 2, who Stein actually named Earth 1 and 2, and he has been the Flash for about 2 years. Even he does not know who Zoom is. We know that his Zoom is the Reverse Flash to Barry, but it looks like Zoom is a bit harder to defeat. We see where the helmet in the finale came into play because it turns out Zoom and Jay were fighting. Zoom was about to kill Jay when he (Jay) was sucked into the portal and transported to Earth 1. There is one major problem - he has no powers.

It was obviously going to be hard to convince Team Flash that he is a speedster if he does not have speed powers. We don't know how he lost them, but he did and it's not a good thing. He is still wise and will be a great mentor to Barry. I love how Barry doesn't forget about Season 1 and be like, oh, he says he's a speedster, we can trust him! No, Barry trusted Wells and that fell through. Barry talks to Iris where she tells him he has to trust people. Trust was the major theme of the episode, and it was a very good one.

I mentioned it, but we got to see Jay Garrick and Zoom fighting. Jay Garrick is more experienced than Barry, but he barely even put up a fight to Zoom. He looks pretty cool. We got some-what of a good look at Zoom, but I can't put it together. Overall, I think Jay Garrick is going to be an awesome character.

Patty Spivot

Sometimes, the female characters in The Flash and Arrow can be weak (Felicity, Laurel, Iris), but I have a good feeling about Patty. Her dad was killed by criminals who became meta-humans (Weather Wizard), so she feels the need to fight against them. She was a fun, quirky but strong character who wants to join the task force with Joe. Joe does not want Patty on his team because his previous partners have been killed and he does not want to see her get killed. He eventually sees she is passionate and obviously ready for the job and let's her in.

Ugh, more romance. I get it, guys, but the connection between Caitlin and Jay was pretty cool, right? Kidding, even though Caitlin definitely has a little crush. I'm talking about Barry and Patty, who just have their little nerd-out moments. I found those very appealing. We were told we might see a romantic connection between Barry and Patty and I think that it is certainly possible.

Cisco's Powers

We got to see more of Cisco's vibes in this episode. When Patty was captured by Sand Demon, who by the way was an awesome meta-human of the week. The effects looked great and he reminded me a lot of Sandman. Anyways, Cisco can see that happening and he knew where they were located and that Sand Demon had a bomb. Professor Stein caught on to this and swore he wouldn't tell anyone. He wants to help Cisco with his newly-founded powers. First though, we need to see what happened with that heart attack (or whatever health problem happened at the end of the episode). No, he is not dead.

Cisco does not like these powers because he does not want to see these things. Also, Wells apparently gave these powers to him and wanted him to use them. So, Cisco thinks that these are evil powers. We will see more and more of these vibes as the season continues.

End of Episode, Episode 3 and Further Predictions

We got our breaches, 52 to be exact, which is an easter egg to DC's comics The New 52. Zoom is the only person who knows how to use these breaches and that makes him a much scarier villain. We get to see Joe's wife return, for reasons unknown besides the fact she wanted to see him and Iris. Can there be anymore drama around Central City?

The REAL Harrison Wells

At the end of the episode, we see our first scene set in the future. We get to see a tour going through S.T.A.R. Labs when we see Harrison Wells walk out of the elevator and everyone starts clapping for him. This is not Eobard Thawne, even though the way he said "hello children" sounded a bit evil. He is the real Harrison Wells.

What did YOU guys think of this episode? Tell me below and what do you guys think is the deal with Harrison Wells?


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