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Have you been stumbling around the house, brooding about all the cool things Batman has that you don’t? Let’s face it he’s got lots of money, a cool house, tons of superbly geeky toys, tons of wonderful nerdy toys, cars, boats… a frickin’ butler for God’s sake!!

And now he’ll have one more thing that you don’t have… drum roll please…

You got it … He is getting an entry in the Guinness Book OF World’s Records. What for you ask?? Most times catching the Joker? NO. Most times putting children in bird costumes? NO. Most times… this could go on all night!! He’s going into the Guinness Book OF World’s Records for “Most Film Adaptations of a Comic Book Character.” Who knew they had such a category? Admittedly, I’m down on my world record watching but this is a cool new twist.

On top of that the cool cat that created the Bat is getting a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Bob Kane will be posthumously honored with a star on October 21. Folks are coming to make quite a stir too!! Zach Snyder and Jim Lee are both scheduled to speak and then there’s this little guest star…

You got it!! The Batmobile from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If that doesn’t make a fanboy want to drive out to LA with a pickup full of family and possessions I don’t know what would!!

And they want you there too – THEY as in the DC they. They want you to show up in your best Bat-duds and honor the man who started it all.

Sadly, Bill Finger is not being honored as well. Hopefully that will happen sooner than not. Bats just wouldn’t be Bats without Bill.

Remember... Everything in life leads to BATMAN!!!!!!!


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