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The newest episode of The Flash has finished, and boy do I have a lot to say and geek out about. So since the episode is called "Flash of Two Worlds", we get to see and learn more about the Flash of Earth 2, the Crimson Comet, Jay Garrick.

In this episode, Team Flash and Jay talk to find out what he's doing there and what's happening. It turns out that the black hole from the season 1 finale has opened up portals to other worlds, including Jay's. Jay also warns the team about Zoom, this season's villain and Jay's rival from Earth 2 that almost killed Jay before he was brought to Earth 1.

It turns out that Zoom wants to be the only speedster and is sending meta-humans from Earth 2 (and probably other Earths in future episodes) to kill Barry. Last week's villain was Atom Smasher, and now this week's is Sand Demon (take a wild guess on what his power is). We also have the introduction of Patty Spivot (played by Shantel VanSanten) who wants to join Joe's meta-human task force.

I really enjoyed this episode. We learn more about Jay and see that Barry (played by Grant Gustin) has some trust issues since the end of last season ( which tends to happen you learn that a father figure that has really helped you turns out to be your arch-rival from the future that went to the past and killed your mother) and doesn't know if Jay is telling the truth and wants to help. We also have some moments between Jay and Caitlin Snow (played by Danielle Panabaker). Maybe there will be some romance down the road. The two have good chemistry and I like it more than the hints at Caitlin and Barry in season 1. And we see Cisco (played by Carlos Valdes) dealing with his powers and that he gets flashes connected to different meta-humans and hints that he will eventually become Vibe.

And as usual for The Flash and Arrow, there are many comic book Easter eggs in this episode. The episode brings up other worlds and the multiverse, that there are 52 worlds, hints that Cisco will become the superhero, Vibe. We also see Jay tell Caitlin how he became the Flash and it's very close to Jay's origin in the comics (minus the part where Jay took a smoking break in his lab). And of course, the recreation of the classic comic book cover where these two speedsters first met.

And I like Jay Garrick's Flash suit. It resembles the original comic version and looks really good.

Oh, and super spoilers for the end of the episode. At the end of the episode, we see Earth 2 and an alternate S.T.A.R. Labs that was created by... Dr. Harrison Wells! (cue evil music). Yes, Tom Cavanagh is back as Wells. Now the question is, is this the same Wells (Reverse Flash) or is this the Earth 2 version?

Though I wouldn't say that this episode was perfect. Barry being distant last week and having trust issues brings the mood down a bit. Yes, it makes sense considering the events from last season, but at least he started trusting Jay this episode. Also, during the final fight in this episode, Barry throws a lightning bolt at Sand Demon that turns him to glass and shatters him. I was a bit surprised that Barry killed him and seemed to not feel bad about it. Last season, Barry was upset and surprised when Oliver Queen tortured a guy for information when they teamed up. Now he doesn't seem to feel remorse at all. I hope this will be brought up during this season (and it probably will), but this did shock me.

I'm really liking season 2 so far, and I loved season 1. We're finding out more now about the multiverse and can't wait to see what will happen next.


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