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I've watched every Gravity Fall show , love GF . Mable is the best . #Empire4Life
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Summers almost over

summers almost over for the pines twin they had been through so many adventures but this might be there last . This might be the end of gravity falls . (Go here to see the video) •

Who well die this season ?

Who will die this season . Alex Hirsh says ...

at least one character will not survive this season . Buckle up "

hopeful it's not an major character . Some theory's are that stan , bill , or soos will die . But that might not happen they are big characters mostly Stan and bill . On episode 14 the mayor dies . Was the mayor the character that dies this season . At the end of this video he mentions 3 people 3 theories + the mayors name at the end. Falls : upcoming death season 2

Will this be the end of gravity falls

Will this be the last of gravity falls ? At the end of episode 17 bill did it he now control time and space . The future as they now it is over . Stanford worst nightmare has came true. What will happen next on gravity falls ? How long do we have to wait ?

Comment below . What do u think will happen next .


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