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There was only so much of the abuse he could take. The headphones blocked out the pain his mother felt nightly. The thrashcore was alike Mozart. The same Mozart his mother played to block out there fathers chainsaw while he sawed down there acreage of sequoia tress. The son homeschooled by the mother. Between him and his mother she allowed him to listen to music rather have to watch her helpless abused body discuss lessons of algebra. She told him one day after being beaten brutally "only the people you love are the ones that can hurt you". Staring at his eyes through his hair at his large blank face. He felt nothing.
The sun was coming down and his father came to the porch. Greeted by his wife, alcohol, and marijuanna. The father placed his chainsaw down on the front porch, As well as two duffle bags full of cash. He told the wife he just sold the redwood acreage to the state for 50 million dollars. The large 18 year old sitting at the table dropped his headphones off his ears after the song ended. Dropped his dinner utensils. The father was ecstatic with happiness holding the mother tightly. The son stood up quickly and took his headphones and pulled his iPod out of his pocket and placed it on the table. Walked to his fathers phonograph and played his fathers favorite Mozart album.
The sun grabbed the double headed axe from above the cobblestoned chimney. He walked out the backdoor into the pitch black backyard. The father was so excited he forgot to turn of the SS Camaro. His wife smiled at the father kissed him and said you forgot to turn off the car. The father turned around and saw his son already in full baseball bat swinging rotation to his dad's heart. The father was lifted off his feet and slammed to his back. His mother Stood watching her son arching over her husband with the axe still buried in his fathers chest. There was so much pain the fathers face. Moved his hand through his sons long hair to hold the back of his neck. His last words were "the root of all evil". The son could only remember what his mom told him. He saw how much his dad loved him. He stood up watching his mother just staring at the cash in the duffle bag.
The son picked up the chainsaw covered in wood dust that blew into the air as he yanked the starter cord. His mother had to feel no more pain.

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