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Ever since I heard that Harrison Wells and Zoom will be in Season 2, I've thought about the possibility of Harrison Wells being Zoom and decided I'd write an article with a few of my theories.

NOTE: This article will contain spoilers from Season 1 of The Flash.

Harrison Wells Is Zoom

I know there's more to Harrison Wells's return than The Flash writers are telling us. I mean, Harrison Wells was never really important, at least not to me. He was Eobard Thawne. Now why bring back Tom Cavanagh as a series regular just to play Harrison Wells? And why give him that mysterious entrance if he's just Harrison Wells?

It was stated in 2x02, 'Flash of Two Worlds,' that Barry Allen's doppelganger could be an electrician. So who could Harrison Wells's Earth-2 doppelganger be? ZOOM!

I know what you're thinking: Why would the writers totally repeat last season. But, I don't think it would be repeating or copying Season 1. I mean, yeah, Harrison Wells once again being the reverse speedster would be the same but, with Jay Garrick and Wally West appearing, and a bunch of new minor villains, Season 2 would be very different than Season 1. And, if Season 1 was so good -- and after Tom Cavanagh's amazing performance as Professor Zoom -- why not do what works and what's good? Season 1 was so good that I wouldn't care if they somehow made Barry Allen travel through time all the way back to the first episode of Season 1 and repeated Season 1 as Season 2! That's how good it was!

Having said that, if I am wrong about Wells being Zoom, then I know for sure that he has some kind of major role besides just being Harrison Wells.

The Rival

This, according to Screen Rant, would be the most obvious, and I have to agree. Jay Garrick was, after all, fighting a reverse speedster before he came to Barry's world.

I still don't know much about The Rival, but I know a few things. His real name is Edward Clariss. He was a professor at the university attended by Jay Garrick. He believed he had recreated the formula that gave Garrick his speed. No one believed his claims, which led him to become a criminal, wearing a darker version of Jay Garrick's suit. His version of the formula was only temporary and he was later defeated.

I don't like the idea of Zoom being The Rival, but it is a possibility.

Zoom Is Barry Allen of Earth-2

Dr. Stein thinks Barry's Earth-2 doppelganger could be an electrician. But, what if Barry's Earth-2 doppelganger is actually Zoom? It could work, it fits how Barry is acting so far this season. He's his own worst enemy.

I like this theory, it's kind of like the one about Harrison Wells being Barry from the future, but I don't think this is what we'll see.

Hunter Zolomon

Everybody seems to mistake Professor Zoom for Zoom... I've seen it a lot. I don't know anything about Zoom and even I know he isn't Professor Zoom.

Zoom, a.k.a., Hunter Zolomon, is actually Wally West's reverse. Wally West will be in Season 2, but to explain Hunter and Wally's origin while continuing on with the main show would be very hard. Plus, Zoom in the show has a black suit.

If Zoom isn't Harrison Wells, and if he isn't Barry Allen or The Rival, he's Hunter Zolomon. That's the only other option they could go with, unless they choose someone like Cisco or Henry from Earth-2....

But regardless of who Zoom actually is, it really doesn't matter to me. I know the writers have something great for us and I really can't wait to find out!

Who do you think Zoom is? Do you think he's Harrison Wells or Barry from Earth-2? Comment below with who you think Zoom is!

The Flash returns Tuesday, October 20 at 8/7c on The CW.


Who do you think Zoom is?


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