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Assume Everything I Post Has Spoilers!!!!

I just finished watching this week's episode of Gotham, and I thought I would give it a little of a critical review. I forgot to put a "Spoiler tag" on my last post, so I will say my bad. Seriously though, it was up a week after the episode aired people.

So, what is my take on Gotham S2 E4?

1. There Is a New Sheriff in Town

I liked the total badass persona that Michael Chiklis is giving this character. He has kind of a Wild West/army colonel thing going on. With the rise of the villains, it makes sense that there will be a bigger cop element in the show. I have seen everyone's comments on my last post, and frankly I could see where you might think that you might as well call this "CSI Gotham." But let's face it, the most interesting thing about Batman has always been the villains that he faces.

Anyway, it is kind of sad that he will eventually have to go, much like his predecessor. Let's face it, Gordon has to take over his job at some point. I thought that bringing in The Strike Force was a good move to coincide with him taking on the leadership of the GC. And on to number two, which prompted the title of this post. I liked the Untouchable vibe that that he kind of gives off.

2. The Penguin Is at It Again

This pic is hard to find!
This pic is hard to find!

Seriously, if you read my last post about Gotham, I totally called this. The plot of this episode had a lot to do with Penguin, and I thought that they did this in a non cheesy way. He is a big player in Gotham, and it would make sense that Theo Galavan would want his -- for lack of a better word -- help. I did not see him totally blackmailing Penguin coming. Prediction-Penguin will not like the situation and will try to off Galavan as soon as he gets the chance, which will start something of a war.

I could even see him running against him for mayor just to shake things up. This would also go along with the story in Batman Returns; and let's face it, that made money once. I am just glad that we are seeing more of what he does best. And what would this be without Catwoman?

3. Alfred Goes Crazy on Kyle

I don't know if I missed something, but I didn't pick up on how he figured out that she killed his war buddy. I know someone will comment on what I missed below, but at the very least the guy is not an idiot, right? I thought that this was a good lead into his interaction with Bruce as he was coming out of the school, and was glad that we at least saw her character a little bit in this episode. It will be interesting to see what happens to her in the coming week, since Penguin has put a halt to all criminal acts that don't help him get his mother back... and on to number four.

4. Victor Zsasz Goes Crazy on the Cops

If a guy you are going to try and off has four of his best friends with him, send in the crazy assassin. I liked how they did this scene. It gave them a chance to give him some screen-time similar to 'Penguin's Umbrella' in Season 1, and we got to see The Strike Force take some shots at him. It would be interesting to see if they make a point of going after him since he tagged one of their own. That would be interesting, and a good way to add some tragedy in the rookies' lives. This would also make sense, since this guy likes to go after attractive women. And speaking of nutcases and women...

5. Nygma Gets Nuttier

He finally gets the date! The dynamic that they have been putting in his relationship with Ms. Kringle is very interesting. I read one guy who said she has only traded one abusive guy for another, but I don't think that will happen. It would make more sense that this character will slip up, since we saw him do it already in this episode, and be forced to imprison or kill Ms. Kringle.

His mental state at this point too is interesting. It is not quite a split personality disorder, but he at the very least has forms of anti-social personality disorder. I will be interested to see if his strong-guy persona just takes over at some point. The way this is going, I think it would make sense for him to become full on villain this season. In any case, let me know what you think. And since I was right on a few things about what would happen this week, stay tuned, and remember you read it here.

With the amount of hits my last post got on here, I am looking into starting a blog. I think that since a lot of you seemed to like my outlook, I can start doing it for more things since I am a bit a a film buff. I will continue to post on here, and link it to whatever I set up, but I think that expansion is something to be explored at this point. I also believe the the guys who make these shows read these kinds of posts, so in a way I feel they help to make the shows better.


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