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Brendan Strietbeck

For those who have done their research on the Thawne family after watching the CW's The Flash probably know about the three big ones, Eobard, Eddie, and Eddie Thawne. Now, again those who watch and keep up with the CW's The Flash (Spoiler Alert) know that Two have already died (Eddie and Eobard). With the introduction of Jay Garrick into season 2 of The Flash, who's to say they won't introduce Barry Allen's long lost brother. Now the story behind this is two pregnant women showed up to a Dr. Gilmore's office while he was a "little" tipsy, these two women were Nora Allen and Charlene Thawne. Charlene's baby was choked by its umbilical cord and unfortunately died, meanwhile Nora gave birth to two healthy baby boys. Dr. Gilmore being drunk and feeling sorry for Charlene told Nora that one of the boys was born a still born. Nora's son grew up to be Barry Allen and Charlene's Malcolm. Now this being said could be a big deal bringing in Barry's brother to potentially be a villain in one of the upcoming series or in season 2. All I know is it would be really cool to see them meet and maybe even have a show down.


Do you think Malcolm Thawne will make an appearance?


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