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Kelly Anne Rucci Creamer

With Halloween just around the corner, try these underrated movies to fill your nights.

Near Dark made in 1987 by Kathryn Bigelow (The first woman in Oscar history to win the Best Director award). Why this movie? It is a simple yet surprising story about a wandering nomad group of vampires. With an outstanding cast, including Lance Henriksen (Aliens), Bill Paxton (Aliens),Tim Thomerson (Trancers), Jenny Wright (I,Madman) and Adrian Pasdar (Heroes). A bit of a love story mixed with a bloody fun ride. Best part to me always has been the word vampire never exists in this movie. Bill Paxton is out of control in this movie and steals a lot of the scenes. The pure beauty is just the overall feel of the movie.

Trick 'r Treat (2007) is a cleaver diamond most people have never even heard of! In the form of four connecting stories that are most entertaining with horror, humor and a bit of gore. The cast is many faces you will recognize and come to love their roles in this cult classic. My personal favorite character is Sam and he is the high point of this Halloween tale. You may love it so much you will run out and buy the POP figure of Sam! Watch the trailer and don't miss out on this one!

Tell me what your hidden Halloween faves are in the comments!


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