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Eshan Bhatt

For those of you watched the episode aired on October 13th, 2015, you might remember at the end of the episode that Dr. Stein and Cisco had discovered that there were breaches created by the wormhole Barry closed which spanned the entire city. Specifically, there were a total of 52 breaches. Now I don't know about you but 52 is not a common number used often and not a number that is already in use by DC anywhere. Oh crap it is!!! That's right, its coincidentally the same number as the comic line "New 52." In addition, it also has been less than 2 month since the Flash's New 52 rebooted storyline was launched. There isn't a lot of hard evidence backing this up its more of a guess but because of all the easter eggs the CW likes to leave us, would you really be surprised if I'm right? I'm currently looking for more evidence to further back up this theory but I am a tad bit in need of sleep. What do you think? Fact or fiction? I'll keep looking and so should you all. Good night and good hunting.


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