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At the end of episode one season 4 of Arrow Oliver and Barry stood over a grave,that most likely belongs to a member of team arrow,so who is it?My method of figuring out who's body is in the grave is. process of elimination.

Who it's not:

#1. Captain Lance

Needless to say it's not him simply because Oliver wouldn't be the one mourning over his grave it would be Laurel.

#2 . Lyla Michaels

Again Oliver wouldn't be the one mourning over her grave it would be Diggle.

#3. Diggle

It's not Diggle either because,well again Oliver wouldn't mourn over him like that either,and Lyla would be the one mourning.

#4. Thea Queen

She is Speedy that should tell you immediately that she won't die,and her father,Malcolm Merlyn,is the new Ra's' al ghul which means if Thea were to die he would resurrect her using the Lazarus pit,which would be useless because the pit already brought her back to life.

#5. Laurel Lance

It's definitely not Laurel,because she's the Black canary and will probably be in a relationship with Oliver again, in a later season.

Who is it?

Felicity Smoak

I like Felicity, but you have to face facts, she's like the only one Oliver would mourn for like he did, and in the graveyard scene Barry seemed to be attached to the person in the grave, and him and Felicity were in a relationship at one point, and they've been friends since Barry first came to Startling city, so whether we like it or not the grave most likely belongs to Felicity Smoak.

Agree or nah?

Leave comments below thank you for reading fellow comic geeks I hope you enjoyed and good day ladies or gentlemen etc.


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