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Wow! This series just keeps getting better and better with each episode. Season 1 got better as it went on and this season continues that upwards trajectory. We were treated to several easter eggs and a shocking return.


What we noted in this episode:

  • Now we weren't the least bit surprised that Barry would be wary of someone claiming to want to help him after Dr. Wells' betrayal last season, however it was a bit over the top how dismissive he was of Jay Garrick. He did eventually allow Jay to help him out and earn his trust.
  • Seeing Jay Garrick in full costume and willing to fight despite no speed powers.
  • It was a bit odd that Caitlyn would have a subtle interest in Jay so soon after losing her love Ronnie Raymond.
  • We were treated to our first glimpses of Zoom, the evil speedster played by Tony Todd.
  • Jay and Barry face to face and side by side in costume gave us a geek out moment.
  • Cisco, when discussing his newfound abilities with Professor Stein, describes that he gets a "vibe" before his visions. Could this be the beginning of the DCTVU's version of Vibe?
  • The mention of Sand Demon hiding out at the abandoned Woodrue warehouse. Plus we were treated to a shot of the logo with the name Woodrue with leaves above it. For those that do not know Jason Woodrue also known as The Floronic Man, was a plant based villain of Swamp Thing and later on became a hero for a short time. Woodrue has the look of a anthropomorphic tree.
  • Barry's new lighting throwing power. He'll be bringing the thunder! ...sorry, couldn't help that joke....
  • The appearance of Green Arrow, even though it was brief, was great to see. They are really pushing the cohesiveness of the DCTVU with Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Moments like this get us to wonder why DC views going with a continuity through all their properties. Doesn't seem like it's be that difficult.
  • The mention of the multiverse and the 52 interdimensional readings in the city. Could we be treated to a Crisis type crossover with the DCCU, DCTVU, and other versions? We can only hope!
  • The homage to the famous Flash #123 cover.
  • The return of Harrison Wells! This was a bit of a surprise but not hard to understand why. He was Barry's most significant villain to date and if he will continue to be Thawne with Wells' face then the Reverse Flash may return.

Overall this was a great episode. Plenty of great imagery, surprises, homages, and most of all great story pacing. Not many shows can hold our attention right now and The Flash is one of them. Let's hope the multi-show continuity stays and we see many more crossovers or mentions of each show in the others. With the return of Wells and the introduction of Zoom, Jay Garrick, and the upcoming Jesse Quick, we may see a war of the speedsters this season. Keep it up DC, you may struggle with consistently putting out quality movies but you sure get TV shows right.


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