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Hollywood just can’t leave well enough alone.

For the seemingly-billionth time, they’ve decided on making another reboot.

The latest target is Fantasy Island.

The show, which ran for seven seasons and two made-for-TV movies on ABC, starred the late Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaize as, Mr. Roarke and Tattoo.

They were genial hosts of a mysterious island in the Pacific Island, where-for a price-guests could experience a fantasy of their choosing.

The two were capable of some type of supernatural abilities to make things happen. The exact nature of those abilities remained largely unspecified.

Said fantasies were quite modest, such as reconnecting with a lost loved one or making a change in a life path.

It nearly made tackiness stylish.

Fantasy Island was actually first rebooted in 1998. It lasted only a few months and wasn't among the finer parts of Malcolm McDowell's career.

No word on whether or not Vendetta Productions, the Sony-based company bringing back Fantasy Island, even know about the failed reboot attempt.

What is known is that the newest version (via press release), to be written by Up in the Air scribe, Sheldon Turner, will be led by a “sexy, dynamic” (those two always go together) woman whose San Francisco-based company will enable clients their wildest fantasies.

Perhaps the new concept is better suited for “Skinemax” than ABC, but who am I to judge?

What I am interested in is how and whom the producers will ultimately go with as the lead.

The appeal of the show’s format, which doesn’t appear to be changing is the reliance on guest stars and the subsequent per episode (or maybe they’ll go longer) storylines.

The downside on the barrage of weekly guests is that it will get expensive real quick. How many of the “old school” shows did business without breaking the banks is formulating a mix of older and younger (I’m mainly referring to experience) performers.

As a result, the producers have to consider what kind of salary they want to fork out for their new female lead. That, of course, depends on their budget but, as mentioned above, they are related to Sony.

Below are my pics (in alphabetical order by last name). Feel free to offer your pics in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

Nadia Bjorlin

Predominantly known as a soap actress, she also has a number of episodic TV guest roles and movies on her resume.

While her looks defy her age (mid-thirties), they embody sexy and confidence to the hilt. My guess is that she would be a very attractive long shot.

Megan Fox

Has an interesting mix of movies and TV to her credit. Given the earth-shaking legal costs she is incurring in her ongoing divorce to Brian Austin Green, she presumably needs all the work she can get. It might be a great fit for the producers and the network.

Christina Hendricks

Probably more interested in TV than movies but she would be a great ratings draw and a chance to show what she can do in a lead instead of in a supporting role in an ensemble.

Jenny McCarthy

Sexy, smart and ambitious though perhaps a little older than what the producers had in mind. That shouldn’t matter though in Hollywood, it more than matters.

Jennifer Morrison

She is my guess for a sure pick by the producers. Great looks along with a varied number of smart, high-profile roles under her belt works highly in her favor.

Olivia Munn

All of the things the powers that be have in mind with a sense of humor and plenty of sassy.

Jamie Pressly

Age might be a detriment thought it shouldn’t. She’s done funny as well as serious and is so sexy as to be intimidating.

Hannah Simone

A bit inexperienced, she still has much going her way. She is probably the most exotic–looking of my picks.

Callie Thorne

She is probably the most experienced actress here, with sexy role after sexy role to her credit. She is now in her first “F” decade, which is a major Hollywood “no-no.” Should that be the case, it would be the producers’ loss to look past her.

Aisha Tyler

Extremely smart, sexy and very accomplished. Probably her standup comedy and talk show hosting work might give producers the notion that she’s not a serious actress. That’s just not the case. Why she is not a hugely famous actress is just baffling.


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