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Back in 2008, tv shows had come to a grinding halt when the writer's strike hit Hollywood. While many people were without projects, Joss Whedon took it upon himself to come up with a brilliant idea:

Create a video blog series and put it up for free on iTunes and Hulu.

Thus the internet sensation Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog was born.

Nowadays that is pretty commonplace, with Netflix coming up with it's own original work. however back then it was a completely new and strange idea.

On a shoestring budget where they literally had a boombox playing the music for them to lipsync to while recording the videos, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day spent time working on the webseries about an every day man trying to get into the "Evil League of Evil" while standing up against Captain Hammer.

During Paleyfest, fans of the internet sensation were happy to have a reunion of the show, with the three leads appearing along with Joss. They reminisced about many of the things that happened during shooting. Among the stories shared was the shocking revelation that Joss actually made more money off of this production than he did for his work on The Avengers, which grossed $623,357,910 domestically.

Originally Joss had wanted to take it to tv, however the networks didn't enjoy the idea and he had to pay for everything out of pocket, calling it his own "mid-life crisis".

The cast had many fond memories of the project, however. Felicia remembered going to a Korean bakery that was kind of hidden away with blacked out windows across the street from where they were filming. She had bought the crew dessert there, which ended up with them getting sick.

Both she and Nathan talked about stepping up their game when it came to the musical numbers against Neil, who is trained and well known for his musical theater personality. Felicia had been nervous to work with such well-known actors, at the time mostly known for her webseries The Guild, stating:

“I did a lot of musicals when I was a teenager, and I took opera lessons in college, but as far as singing on camera, this was my debut. I was terrified. I mean, if you’re working with Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion and you’re just a girl from the Internet, I’m sorry, you’re intimidated all the time. They raised my game a lot, and taught me how to behave better. Not that I behave badly, but they showed me how a consummate actor works.”

So could this reunion lead to more things, such as a Dr Horrible 2? Joss had, up until recently, been tied up with his projects in Marvel, but has a little more time now that that has ended. While he didn't say yes, he did mention that within two weeks of the release of the show he had sat down and started writing songs again for another rendition into the Doctor's lair. Fillion mentioned that Captain Hammer would probably be "redesigining his hammer" while Neil added that Dr Horrible would probably be taking over the world.

As for Felicia's character Penny, well, you have to watch the show to find out.

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