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The Walking Dead returns for its sixth season, and man what a return it was.
It was a tense build from start to finish that climatically ended in true Walking Dead style. The sort of ending where you sit there shouting at your television set because things were just getting interesting.

The season premier opened to an apparently low 14.6 million viewers. This was a 16% drop from its usual numbers but still, its hardly a number low enough to worry about. It would appear that the raging behemoth that is The Walking Dead is still the undefeated champion of television drama.

The season kicked off with a record breaking amount of "Walkers" being released from a seemingly man made pit, a pit that contained hundreds of Walkers all crowded into a small enclosure blocked by large trucks. Throughout the episode we see a series of flashbacks picking up where season five left off, leading us full circle back to the events that we saw at the beginning of the episode.

say cheese.
say cheese.

Throughout these flashbacks, you got a brilliant chance to see how the residents of Alexandria are adjusting to their new neighbours. The mistrust and fear from these innocent and somewhat naive people is displayed perfectly following Rick's break down and seemingly hostile take over during the dramatic finale of season five.

Our favourite survivors spend the episode trying to teach the residents of Alexandria how to survive in this new world whilst making it painfully obvious that this is their town now and they are not going anywhere. They help the residents build a series of walls to try and funnel the Walkers off into different directions, one that would lead them away from their town. Rick and the group also help to try and teach these fresh faced survivors a few skills to keep them alive, skills they will need and no doubt use in the coming episodes.

After a failed attempt at the residents trying to defend themselves from a small handful of Walkers, Rick and the others intervene leaving the residents shaken and even more fearful of MR Grimes.

Carter attempted to stage a coupe with some of the other residents and took it upon himself to formulate a plan that involved Rick being killed for the sake of their own safety.

But to save myself going into the real meat of the episode, let's just say the tension and mistrust build and it doesn't end well for the group despite some pretty poor attempts to get along.

But throughout the episode they our favourite characters kept getting precariously close to the Walkers, almost as if the show's creators were trying to let us know that no one is truly safe from harm in this world.
Luckily none of our regular faces bit the dust and I was able to carry one watching with peace knowing that there wasn't another Jon Snow incident before bedtime.

This did get me thinking though, at what point were my favourite characters going to get the chop, or should I say bite.

Throughout the entire episode I was in fear that at any moment one of the better characters was about to be a goner. There were multiple points where I thought that Glenn, Daryl or even Michonne was getting thrown into a rather precarious or fatal situation. I knew logically Rick would be fine for now as he's the main focus. I also thought in my head Daryl would be safe for now as I highly doubt AMC want a riot on their hands after the outcry for his safety last time.

So I did what I usually do and headed for Google for spoilers only to find this quote from Robert Kirkman himself,

"Eventually a character named Negan is introduced, and he’s going to bash in Glenn’s brains with a baseball bat called Lucille."

Just to put that into context for people not familiar with the books, the survivors end up in the safe haven Alexandria, where things seem like they’re returning to normal. That is, until the appearance of the sadistic and heartless Negan, who demands payment for safety. That tumultuous storyline in the comics eventually sees Glenn getting brutally murdered by a barbed wire-covered bat that Negan named Lucille. You can see it in the image below.

Now, we know Negan is definitely coming, and I know I was expecting Glenn to eventually meet his maker. But now that Kirkman has blurted it out, we almost have to assume that things will play out very differently in the show. Does that mean that Glenn will get killed in a different, but equally heartbreaking, way? Or does this mean that Negan will be using his weapon of choice to bust open a different character’s brain box?

Glenn does die in the comics at the hands of Negan, who beats him to death with a barbed wire bat. But the show is known for tweaking storylines between the comics and the TV show. So up to this point it's anybody's guess as to what the outcome here could be.

Robert Kirkman and the show's other creators like to play things very close to their vests when it comes to details about The Walking Dead's upcoming storylines, and this is probably the most interesting reveal about the show that they have ever shared with the world and it wasn’t even a real hint. Or was it? Dammit!

On the plus side and on a more cheerful note. We did see the return of Morgan in all of his Ninja style glory, rocking Donatello's Bo-staff (The Ninja Turtles were a huge influence on him before outbreak).

Now I'm not sure where they're planning on taking this series now that it has become so different from it's source material. But I'm personally looking forward to seeing how fractured our survivors will become, and witnessing the mental breaking of Rick Grimes has made for some of the most exciting and tense television I've seen in a long time.

But one thing is for certain, and that's the fact that none of the characters that we've grown attached to are safe. I for one just hope that Glenn can survive for another year, at least.


Who do you think will go this year?


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