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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Miley Cyrus is planning a totally naked concert. Yup, she's smoked weed, gone topless, humped giant furry creatures, and slid down a gigantic replica of her own tongue, so I guess getting naked is the next step in her performative journey.

She's also performed this rather fine cover of Khia's 'My Neck, My Back' live:

The news was actually broken by Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, who raved about the naked project via Instagram:

Oh fuck..!!! @mileycyrus is planning a show where her, the band ( us ) and the audience are all COMPLETELY naked with milk ( well white stuff that looks like milk) is being being spewed everywhere

Oh yeah, the news that the AUDIENCE will also be fully naked may put off potential voyeurs... All I can say is when will tickets be available? Seriously, you don't have to be an avowed nudist to embrace the freeing feeling of being naked in public (at an appropriate, legal location, of course...).

The 'white stuff that looks like milk' has already had an outing in the promo work for Miley's most recent album. Here it is turned into a glorious sweater, modeled by Miley herself:

Check out some of Miley's memorable naked moments for some idea of what we could expect from Miley's naked concert!

Wrecking Ball

'Wrecking Ball' saw Miley get gloriously naked and cry on camera, hinting at both a physical and psychological 'baring' of intimate feelings.

Miley's Instagram

Miley's own Instagram page is a place of fun, color, kind-hearted social change and, yes, a whole lot of nakedness.

Paper Mag

Of all of the naked photoshoots Miley's done, her work with Paper Mag is perhaps the most eye-catching and outlandish. Strange artsy poses and the occasional pig turning up kept things interesting...


Would you like to watch a naked Miley Cyrus concert?

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