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Fans of Ubisoft's hit video game series Assassin's Creed have been eagerly awaiting its adaption to the big screen, and we've just got our first tantalizing image straight from the movie's set!

We already know, in keeping with the tradition of the games, that the film will feature two timelines: one set in the near-future and another during an historical time period. The photo, posted by head of Assassin's Creed content at Ubisoft Azaïzia Aymar, gives us a glimpse of the modern day setting, revealing a logo gamers will be all too familiar with...

Abstergo Industries Returns

The sinister organization is a multinational corporate conglomerate, and a front for the activities of the series' primary antagonists, the Templar Order. Abstergo is also responsible for developing the Animus: a piece of technology that allows users to travel back in time using the memories of their ancient ancestors.

Michael Fassbender is set to star in two lead roles, playing the modern day Callum (who's presumably caught up in Abstergo's plans) and his blood relation, the assassin Aguilar.

Aymar also shared a photo of him and the movie's director, Justin Kurzel, who's already worked closely with Fassbender, playing the lead in Kurzel's adaptation of Shakespeare's Scottish tragedy Macbeth.

The futuristic-looking set seems to fit with the organization's minimalist architecture, as seen in the games:

It's great to see the filmmakers honoring the source material so faithfully. Indeed, Ubisoft Motion Pictures CEO Jean-Julien Baronnet was keen to stress that the adaptation isn't simply a throwaway cash cow, and has spoken about Fassbender's commitment to the project:

"We told him we were going to build the project together. We have a huge brand and we want to make a make a film with references to feature films like Batman Begins and Blade Runner. He was promised that he could work with the writers, we would associate it with all key creative choices."

Legendary UK actors Jeremy Irons (The Lion King, Batman v Superman) and Brendan Gleeson (Harry Potter, In Bruges) will join the pseudo-historical action, playing the fathers of Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender, respectively.

Assassin's Creed is due for release on December 21, 2016.

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