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When you're dealing with a franchise that has been watched as many times as the Star Wars Saga, you're no doubt going to discover the odd gaffe, flub, and mistake hidden among all the the Rebel vs. Empire action.

When such mistakes are discovered, it's not unknown for George Lucas to either canonize them within the story (the Stormtrooper head bump for example) or edit them out in subsequent re-releases. There is, however, one 'gaffe' which has also taken on an infamous reputation among Star Wars fans: Luke apparently shouting "Carrie" instead of "Leia" after returning from destroying the Death Star in Episode IV: A New Hope.

The story goes that as Mark Hamill descended his victorious X-Wing to rapturous applause, he was so excited he accidentally shouted Carrie Fisher's first name, instead of the name of her character, Leia. You can check out the moment below:

The scene recently resurfaced due to a ScreenRant viral video which propagated the story, however Hamill has now emerged to finally kill the "BS" rumors. In a tweet, he stated:

But it's not just Hamill, sound designer Ben Burtt has also suggested the actual line was "Hey! There she is," which seems more reasonable considering what we hear. Furthermore, if Hamill is right about the scene being redubbed -- which makes sense when you consider how noisy the actual filming of the scene probably was -- it's almost impossible for the line to be a flub.

Others, however, have debated this. According to IMDB's 'goofs' page, expert lip readers claim he only says two syllables, which look like "Carrie." However, I can't find this information anywhere else, so it seems a bit dubious to me.

This isn't the first time he has spoken out about this rumor, as he has previously stated:

"The yelling ‘Carrie’ rumor, is wrong, was always wrong despite the fact that it was printed in a book of film bloopers. The entire scene was ‘looped,’ which meant post dubbing dialogue and sound effects later …The actual phrase said was ‘There she…’ as in ‘There she is’ as I was looking for the Princess in the crowd, and that’s what I dubbed."

However, adding his version of events to Twitter might have finally put the issue to rest. So next time someone mentions this famous supposed gaffe, make sure you proudly state "Um, actually..." before launching a devastating strike of truth bombs.

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