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People can't get enough of meddling with the Disney Princesses. These elite ladies have been transformed into everything from bondage enthusiasts, to sloths, but now these eternal muses have been given a decidedly derpy makeover that mixes the horrible with the hilarious.

Israeli animator and illustrator Yotam Perel has created a hilarious series of animated GIFs that show the likes of Ariel and Belle rocking some seriously slobbery new looks, but who do you think wore it better?

Prince Threatening

True love's diss.

The Princess and the Tea

You can't blame Cinderella for being thrown off by that snout.


She hasn't used cutlery before, LEAVE ARIEL ALONE!


This isn't the first time Kocoum has been the butt of our jokes...

Sharp Dresser

Scientifically accurate glass slippers.

Now It's No Wonder That Her Name Means Beauty

But who would be the beast now?

Faulty Foot

Never trust a deal from a sea witch...

Fairy Slob Mother

Well, if that's what Prince Charming's up to?

Triple Threat

How is Wendy meant to compete with these beauties?

Beauty and the Meat

Sometimes a girl just gets peckish, you know?

(Source: Imgur via Yotam Perel)


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