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I've written on trailers before and how they can ruin the movie if they are of poor quality, in contrast to others that are practically art. I'm back again to write about trailers, and how the sequence depicted can make the film, ruin it, or even change how you see it entirely.

Sometimes you see a trailer that is truly spectacular, like the one for Batman Begins, which gave away just the right amount while keeping the purity of the film. The following trailers have been redesigned to change the genre and plot of various films, and prove that a lot can be changed in the post-production of a movie.

Sit back, enjoy, and let us know what you think!

1. The Hangover - Horror Trailer

The plot of The Hangover really works as a horror movie. We need to see this one made!

2. Forrest Gump - Horror Trailer

Forrest Gump as a murderous psychopath would certainly change the premise of the movie, but if it works then I'm not one to judge!

3. Mrs. Doubtfire - Horror Trailer

A fantastic reimagining of Mrs. Doubtfire. It seems like Mrs. Doubfire crossed with Hitchcock's Psycho.

4. Dumb and Dumber - Thriller Trailer

Dumb and Dumber with suspense and dark undertones, I definitely prefer it to the original...

5. The Dark Knight - Romantic Comedy Trailer

Incredible adaptation, and The Joker still steals the show! He'd make one manic ex-boyfriend!

6. The Shining - Comedy Trailer

The re-envisioning of a Stephen King classic. I can't say I prefer it to the original, but it definitely works.


Which alternate trailer do you prefer?



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