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Making a movie takes a lot of time, skill, and money and is usually left to the professionals. However, some hardcore fans create their own movies using their favorite superheroes, video games, and movie characters. Unfortunately, these are often not of the greatest quality, but every now and then you can come across a real gem. Here is a list of four amazing fan-made movies!

1. Mario Bros in real life

In this fan made trailer created by Joe Nicolosi we see a heartbroken Mario attempting to get Peach back after she ran off with another guy. It's both charming, funny and well made.

Mario finds a golden opportunity

Step on that enemy Mario!

2. Animated Star Wars

This animated short created by Paul Johnson is seriously impressive. The quality is superb, and it's hard to imagine this ISN'T made by professionals. Apparently it took seven years to make, but it was totally worth it because the result is amazing.

The ATATs getting ready

One of the main characters in battle

3. Batman vs. The Terminator

Mitchell Hammond animated this short film, which shows an epic battle between Batman and The Terminator. What more do you want in life, honestly? In addition to having an awesome plot, the animation quality is also superb. Check it out to find out who wins!

Look who's back

And look who is ready to take him down

4. Live-action Pac Man

This trailer, directed by James Farr, makes me wish this was a real movie! Get to work Hollywood, we need this in our lives. Check out the movie to find out what the government is planning on using Pac Man for.

The scientists get ready to show what they've created

Pac Man in action

There is clearly a lot of untapped potential in this world. Fingers crossed we get to see more from these talented people in the future because they have some seriously awesome skills.


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