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Son of a hooker, born without a father, little Elliot lived in a small town as a kid. His Mom called him big Elliot because already at the age of 6 he was much bigger than any of his classmates at school. He was a bit slow in thinking, so he got bullied in school and had no friends. Some day he fought back and hurt one of the bullies so bad, that he was left alone out of fear. Still, he had no friends. His Mom hated him, because at the time she got pregnant with him she could not afford an abortion. They lived in a small apartment at the margin of the town. Men used to come and visit his Mom. Big Elliot had to wait outside but he could still hear them fuck.

Some day, he couldn't stand the noises inside his apartment anymore he went strolling around. There was a little factory for wood nearby. There he found an abandoned puppy. Elliot took the animal and started to raise it. The puppy was totally sweet and was clearly loving his new owner. Elliot had finally found someone who truly loved him. Of course, the happy days of Elliot with his dog lasted only for a couple of months.

Some day he went for a walk with his dog, as Elliot used to. It was the late afternoon. A little group of workers near the factory were having some bears at the end of there shift. They were already pretty drunk. One of them saw Elliot and shouted: "This is the boy that hurt my son!"

The workers cornered Elliot and started to push him around. There was a build up, until finally one of them took the dog and killed it. Whatever was left of the boys soul inside of him, it shattered in that moment.

Not many days later, Elliot came home and walked into her Mom having sex with some guy... THE GUY who killed his dog. Of course, the boy gets shouted at and leave the apartment.

One the street, there is a truck with workers who are cutting down the trees in the street. Elliot sees a CHAINSAW on the truck. Nobody sees him taking it. He walks back into the apartment Chainsaw running, while the guy in Elliot's mother are still having sex. Elliot waits for a moment, then he butchers the man from behind. His mothers screams and also insults her son. He looks at her and makes a decision. He rams the running chainsaw into her womb, the place he came out and was put into the misery of this world. As he gets covered in blood and guts he smiles. There first time in his life he feels some satisfaction. It is not like love he had with the puppy, this is a much stronger emotion...

He will want it again.


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