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Titanic may be one of those movies you've seen countless times, even though it came in pesky two-pack when it arrived on VHS. The story of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater's perilous journey may be extremely well-known, but that doesn't mean there aren't still some unexpected connections to be made here.

Case in point: this fan theory speculating that Jack Dawson's story doesn't end with sinking to the bottom of the Atlantic. In fact, he gets right back to tracking down another rich beauty in an entirely different movie: The Great Gatsby. That's right, HelloGiggles theorizes that Jay Gatsby and Jack Dawson are one in the same.

Let's get chronological here.

All flashbacks to the Titanic are entirely from Rose's account

Though the events on the ship are presented as reality, it's worth noting that all of the flashbacks are framed through older Rose's memory. While she very well could be telling the truth about everything, we do see her lie about the most important element of the story: what happened to the Heart of the Ocean.

Thinking of Rose as an unreliable narrator opens up the door to another essential plot point: Jack's death.

What if Rose was lying about her sinking soulmate?

Imagine this: Jack somehow managed to survive the Titanic's iceberg crash. After getting a taste for the finer things in life, he comes up with a plan to keep the real diamond necklace for himself, leaving Rose with a fake (how he comes across this convincing rock trapped on ship, the theory doesn't explain).

Perhaps this explains why Rose would lie. A tragic love story is much more interesting (and less embarrassing) than admitting you fell for a thief who ended up with both of your most precious hearts.

Jack ends up in America in 1912 and develops a brand new identity


As Jay Gatsby, Leo's new persona finds a buyer for the necklace and gambles his earnings into mega-wealth status. Let's not forget how Jack made it onto the Titanic in the first place: In 1922, he makes the move to West Egg to track down not Rose, but another flowery female who was his actual true love.

He keeps much of his past wrapped in secrecy


And let's not forget about his biggest phobia: a fear of swimming pools. Could that be because of the trauma he suffered on the Titanic?

It's almost as if a Final Destination-style death came back to haunt him, as he plummeted in the pool after getting shot.

Destined to die in water.

Sure, The Great Gatsby flashes back to Jay's own backstory (which also involves a seafaring voyage) but so many of both movies' flashbacks involve the subject's own memory. Those are never completely right and can even involve some major errors or outright lies.

And, obviously, the biggest clue of all

They're both played by Leonardo DiCaprio!

If you still require a bit more convincing, head on over to HelloGiggles for a super comprehensive analysis of this theory.

(Source: 9Gag via HelloGiggles)


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