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It seems actor and writer Seth Rogen has set his sights on making Garth Ennis‘s comic books into viable television shows. Alongside his partner in crime, Evan Goldberg -- a writer, director, and producer -- Rogen is already working on a Preacher television series, and has now announced his plans to make The Boys.

Garth Ennis is a Northern Irish comic book writer whose work is characterized by violence, dark humor, and an antagonistic relationship with religion. Over his distinguished career, he has written for characters such as The Punisher and Judge Dredd.

'The Boys'!

But now, alongside Ennis and Goldberg, Rogen is working on the 'The Boys,' an anti-superhero comic book built upon the themes of violence, sexual violence, dark humor... and more violence.

The comic book is centered around a black ops CIA team; a ragtag group of psychologically-damaged men with superpowers and a grudge against superheroes -- or 'Supes.' 'The Boys' does in fact have a woman on the team, known as 'The Female,' but I'll get to that in a moment.

Primarily, the team consists of those who really don't have any qualms about doing some damage to superheroes; fortunate, considering the team's mandate is to keep 'supes' in line.

Let's not skip over how dark this show is expected to be. The Boys aren't opposed to maiming or killing superheroes, and many of them have tortured back stories involving the torture, rape and the murder of loved ones... so Rogen's new show is not going to be for the faint-hearted.

Who are 'The Boys'?

The team consists of five members and is the second incarnation of the group, the first of which was started by an American -- Mallory, who witnessed the first and last use of superheroes in World War 2. The second incarnation of 'The Boys,' and the focus on Seth Rogen's proposed television show, is on the following five super-powered members.

1. William 'Billy' Butcher

  • An English ex-soldier whose wife was raped by a 'supe,' and eventually killed by the unborn child... happy stuff!
  • A fiercely intelligent and calculating individual, he is an advocate of using brutal means to achieve his goals.
  • He also has a bulldog named Terror, who he has trained to fornicate on command.

2. Mother's Milk

  • The second in command of the team, Mother's Milk was the only member to be born with 'Compound V' in his system.
  • He first discovered his super strength during an army boxing match, which resulted in him accidentally decapitating his opponent.
  • His nickname stems from the fact that he must continue breast feeding from his mother in order to live.

3. The Female

  • The Female is a young Japanese girl and serves as the heavy-hitter of the group.
  • She was given 'Compound V' as a baby, resulting in incredible strength beyond even that of her super-powered team.
  • She is also supposedly mute, although has spoken on occasion, and has an uncontrollable desire to kill.

4. The Frenchman

  • The Frenchman is The Female's best friend, and the only one who can reign her in.
  • He is also the second heavy-hitter of the group. Generally calm and shy, when enraged he is almost unstoppable.
  • His past is mostly shrouded in mystery, other than that he was once a soldier and was betrayed by his lover after returning from war.

5. "Wee" Hughie Campbell

  • The newest and most 'normal' member of the team, Hughie is the character through which we're introduced to the world.
  • He joined the team after his girlfriend, Robin, was killed during a superhero fight, after which he was injected with Compound V.
  • He is a reluctant and down-to-earth member of the team who serves to keep the comic book grounded.

Although The Boys television series is still very much in development, Preacher is due to hit the screens on AMC next year. So we're unlikely to see The Boys any time soon, but we'll keep you updated!

Watch the interview with Garth Ennis below.

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