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A somewhat biased news reader has used actual video game footage live on air to prove to the world that the Russian efforts in Syria far outweigh and surpass the allied war effort.

Egyptian television personality, Ahmed Moussa sat in front of millions and publicly sassed the allied war effort in Syria. He stated that the real hero in the war to end the ISIL terror threat is Putin.

"The Russians did it. Yes, this is the Russian army, this is Russian weaponry, this is Putin. Yes, they are countering terrorism, truly countering it. Now you will see a terrifying video, terrifying."

The footage he uses actually comes from Gaijin Entertainment's 2010 release, Apache Air Assault.

The news anchor goes on to comment on how accurate the Russian technology is in comparison to American and British weaponry. He states that a Russian attack on ISIL leaves no man left alive.

“Did you all see the precision?” Moussa says in his segment. “These are ISIS fighters…they’re immediately wiped out…no one gets away,”

The Footage

To be specific, this is footage uploaded to YouTube five years ago. It showcases a particular part of a mission from the game and the footage comes from the helicopter gun camera AH-64 longbow. The video game footage comes in after the ridiculous propaganda at 2.45.

“See what the Russians are doing to them! That precision! Look at that car! Wait for the missile to come down! No one gets away.”


Are we really not supposed to be able to tell the difference? Ok, I grant that the footage is brilliant and the game devs did a great job with Apache Air Assault, but are we just supposed to ignore the hit markers? The BRITISH & AMERICAN accents that are heard narrating the mission - not to mention the YouTube gamers' watermark along the side of the video...

Not to mention the somehow perfect symmetry that all the trees have, it is almost as if they are the same tree replicated a bunch of times... Just small inconsequential details that Mr Ahmed Moussa chooses to ignore.

The Internet is Loving it Though!

Not to be outdone by those pesky Russians the Twitter community have been quick to post their own footage taken from the allied side of the action in Syria.

The Meme stars have been out in force, populating the viral world with nuggets of absolute gold.

As funny as this all is, it is a little scary that there will be people out there that will believe this video to be real, especially if it's coming from a news channel. Let's just hope that those numbers are few and that we can all just see the funny side of all this.

And let's all also hope that the actual situation is Syria is resolved as quickly and as peacefully as possible.

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Source: Washington Post


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