ByAnita Dudemaine, writer at

The popular fraternity on campus puts on an epic Halloween party & haunt every year around the same time in which their pledges are competing for spots. Billy and his childhood friends become pledges & endure days of degradation and various hazing. Little did Billy know that he was the chosen one where a final hazing challenge would be on him. His childhood friends end up humiliating him in front of all attendees, beckoned by the brothers. He then escapes into the adjoining haunted house where the brothers have planned additional humiliation and torture now broadcast for the party to see. Billy's finds a small enclosure within the haunted house with shelving of props and costumes and after feeling around in the dark, stumbled upon and picks up the chainsaw in hopes to escape and scare off anyone who prevents him from doing so. Little does he know the chain wasn't removed and as he turns it on, revving it, he is confronted by one of the brothers who is now laughing at his attempt protect himself with the chainless prop. The brother lunged forward to grab the prop and in turn ends up falling into the saw...his body violently convulsing as it works its way down the blade. Billy never even flinched as he felt the body of another get consumed by what he thought was a prop. He felt a feeling of pleasure as he wiped the blood from his face with a nearby costume. He then decided to walk out of the room and give the brothers, his former friends and attendees a true horror experience. The massacre was caught on tape and viewed at the party, attendees entertained by the realism of the haunted house. Little did they know that the horror was real. Billy managed to kill most of the brothers as well as his former friends. No one ever knew what happened to Billy after that day...


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