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No that isn't a typo, I didn't mistype X-Men. The Z-Men are a real thing, and they are the focus of a new partnership between Lionsgate and comic book publisher Double Take.

Now if Double Take publishing doesn't ring a bell, then possibly their parent company will, Take-Two Interactive. Take-Two has been in the video game business since the early 90's pumping out game after game and some of those games include Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Revolver, Midnight Club, Borderlands, Bioshock, Sid Meier's Civilization and XCOM. Take-Two has brought us some of the most inventive and exciting games over the years, so it's not crazy to think that one of their subsidiaries would have an equally exciting venture into comic books. That is what Z-Men is all about, it is Double Take's flagship title.

The story revolves around two government agents, Clancy and Stuart, who are members of the Secret Service at the time of President Lyndon B. Johnson's era. These two agents are sent on a mission to capture a zombie and return it dead or alive to LBJ. The duo soon discovers that they have wound up in the middle of a massive zombie nightmare.

Z-Men was published along with 9 other titles in the Ultimate Night Of The Living Dead series, all of which were launched on the same day as a part of the companies 'Big Bang' campaign. All the comics take their leading from the classic George Romero zombie horror, and tell stories that flesh out the franchise (pun intended.)

There is no real production timeline yet for the project, but here's hoping that Romero himself climbs on the zombie train one more time to give this franchise the care it deserves.

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