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American horror story has been my favorite show since it debuted 5 years ago on FX because of its larger than life plot lines, shocking twists and spectacular cinematography. Even though I'm a horror fan, I have my limits. There are moments where I personally felt the show went a little too far in its quest to shock us. These AHS moments had me on the edge of my seat and saying WTF?

7. Madame LaLaurie's Attic of Slave Horrors

Madame Laularie was a real life New Orleans' socialite and serial killer who took part in the torture and murder of many of her slaves. When I heard American Horror Story was including this story in their plot line for season 3 titled Coven, I was already suspicious, but what they did with it was a little hard to take. Should the real life suffering and systematic murder of slaves really be used as a entertainment/shock value plot device?

6. Elsa Loosing Her Legs in a Snuff Film

In season 4 titled Freak Show, Jessica Lange plays a washed out circus director with a sordid past. There was no way to guess how horrible her beginnings really were. Elsa forcefully had her legs sawed off after she was tricked in to appearing in a snuff film. Something about the grotesque nature of this scene went beyond shock value. The way they filmed this vicious scene felt more like cheap exploitation.

5. Queenie Seduces a Minotaur

This scene in season 3 Coven was insulting strictly because it reduced the big girl to seducing a Minotaur. Why did the plus size girl have to be involved in bestiality? This is one bad scene that American Horror Story can't validate for any reason.

4. The Anne Frank Story-line

Season 2 Asylum had many controversial story-lines, but the one that was hardest to swallow was the one based around a women who thought she was Anne Frank. Anne Frank was a real person who died under horrific circumstances, it feels in bad taste to exploit her memory to make a half-baked plot line that doesn't really go anywhere.

3. Dr. Thredson Rapes Lana

There have been many scenes of sexual violence throughout the series run, but one that was particularly hard to watch came during Asylum when Dr. Thredson raped Lana. The rape was bad enough, but things took an even more disturbing turn when the doctor referred to Lana as mommy during the act. Couldn't there have been a better way to display Dr. Thredson's mommy issues than putting us through a torturous rape scene?

2. Westfield High School Massacre

In Season 1 Murder House, one of the main characters Tate Langdon is shown massacring kids at a high school. Due to the constant happenings of mass shootings taking place all over American in the last few years, it's hard for this scene to be anything more than down right depressing. Sure it's shocking, but couldn't it have just mentioned in conversation?

1. Steel Dildo Rape

Season 5 has just started and they've already got tongues wagging. In the first half hour of Hotel, a drug user is shown graphically being raped by a monster with a steel dildo. The scene is said to be a metaphor for the catastrophic damage drug addiction has on someone, but my goodness, was there no other way to say this Ryan Murphy?

Horror after all is known for pushing the boundaries of what makes people uncomfortable. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still in love with AHS because of its shocking nature and twisted stories. While good horror always continues to push the boundaries, how much is too much?


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