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Though No Man's Sky is essentially an endless game for every person currently living on earth, it will have a manageable purpose should you choose to pursue it. At the centre of the galaxy that Hello Games have created, lies your goal. In order to reach this quadrant of space, you'll need to wander around the universe harvesting, discovering, and upgrading.

Once strong enough, your ship will be able to make the journey to the galaxy's centre - but what will we find there? What sort of sights can we expect to be confronted with, and will Hello Games offer some Scifi wisdom that relates to our own humanity? Well, some players have gathered together on Reddit to discuss it. Some of them are interesting, most of them are hilarious, and I hope that all of them are just as likely as one another!

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky - What Lies At The Centre of the Universe On Release Date?

Personally, I'd love for there to be a variety of "endings" in No Mans Sky. The game is naturally going to develop a community around it. We'll all be sharing our experiences with one another, showing off the planets and creatures we stumble upon in the expanses of space - why shouldn't this be the case with the galaxy's centre? We could all share the sights that we were met with at the end of the game, thus bringing us together once again!

But here are some of the other suggestions that others have put forward. You can follow the thread over here if you're interested in reading them all! But one that strikes you instantly comes from C3D2, who envisioned the mathematical formula that makes the game possible, appearing before our eyes. It would be a white space with the formula flying around us. "Then as a reward, you are able to see the universe in maths sort of like how Neo views the matrix with the falling lines of green code." Nice one!

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

Here are just a few short ideas that I enjoyed:

  • Sean Murray's head appears in the centre of the universe and says, "It's a secret."
  • A mirror. You're able to really see what your character looks like and who you've been during this amazing adventure. Love this idea.
  • The game zooms out and shows you all of the stars and systems that have been discovered by players and the many places left to uncover.
  • The release date.
  • 'A sign that says "You are here" with an arrow pointing at the centre of the universe. You know... for tourists.'
  • An infinite loading bar, annotated from: soon > soonish > sooner > soonerish > soonerer > soonererish > soonerisher > soonerererish > soonererishist > soonest > soonester > soon

  • A unique cutscene where Morgan Freeman describes highlights of your journey.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

What Would You Want From No Mans Sky?

So there we have it! Some of the things that gamers would love to be greeted with at the centre of the galaxy in No Mans Sky. But what about yourselves? What would you like to run into at the conclusion of [No Man's Sky](tag:2684052)? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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