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Josep Bergadà Bombí


by Josep Bergadà


- First we see two parents arguing in a carnival with their 6 year old son next to them, the child is crying and he’s sad.

- To try to make up for it and cheer him, the parents buy him cotton candy from a seller and the child smiles again and is happy.

- We see a man arriving with a bag of coal who leaves it at the cotton candy machine, since it runs on coal. (You can’t see the man’s face, nor does he speak.)

- Then we see a young couple who paid to enter the attraction of the haunted house.

- Inside the attraction appears Chainsaw. The couple gets kidnapped with the help of makeup artist, as they are both in for it. They do it violently without using the chainsaw. Then they take them into a big dreary room that is located in the basement that communicates with the same attraction. (Chainsaw and the makeup artist are siblings and had a very tough childhood; their parents were violent drug addicts. We see flashbacks of Chainsaw as a little boy saying that he wants to be a lumberjack and his father beating him violently and shouting that that job is for queers, thus turning him into a frustrated lumberjack)

- The room is full with more people kidnapped people. They are stuck into the ground like trees, sunk to their knees, without eyes or tongues. They are naked and carry nappies. Their stance is like a tree’s (tied up so they cannot change their stance. They are also adorned with leaves and twigs stuck in the body everything’s very bloody. Chainsaw ties up the victims and cuts their feet with a chainsaw with the intent that their organism has direct contact with the soil and can nourish from its organic properties. He also cuts their tongue and gauges their eyes. Now they cannot speak, they can only groan.

- He prepares the new victims and sticks then into the soil but without adorning them with twigs. (They are human trees and as such, they need to grow).

- After that he gets a hose and while whistling waters everyone as if they were vegetables. With pruning shears he starts to mutilate them as if they were bushes. He also puts organic fertilizer to their knees. Caring for them so as to they grow as trees.

- As he sees that the new victims are not growing he gets frustrated, he starts screaming and moaning while crying, and adorns them as the rest of the victims, sticking twigs and branches all over their body, like as daggers.

- After this process he takes some of the victims to a room where there’s an oven. There, he lays them on the operating table, he dresses up with a plaid shirt (as a lumberjack) and while the victims are still alive begins to cut them into pieces with a chainsaw, while they groan violently.

- Then he takes the limbs and with a pyrolysis process (with the oven) converts them to coal and puts them in a bag. Then he removes his shirt and takes the bag to the cotton candy machine. (We deduce that’s the same man whose face we didn’t see in the beginning)

- Finally, on the outside, we see some other parents asking for cotton candy for their sad child. When he receives it, the child makes a big smile and bite right into it. Making him a happy child.

Also if I were to have more time, I could further develop the characters if needed


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