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I am Thomas Marsula Jr. author of Syndicate X. I’ve been trying to find a way to promote my book for a while now and I figured I would use a few articles to share some of my characters from Syndicate X. I also wanted to share my journey just in case I never make it big. I started my journey with this idea as a kid. I used my deep imagination to create bazaar scenarios with friends I had in my early years. When I received these small blue notebooks I started to write about things I liked. I also inserted myself and my friends into those stories.

One Notebook became several as I started to dream of being the equivalent to J.K Rowling with many stories in a series. One day I shared my writing and was told about copy right. I was devastated for a moment but then idea popped up in my head. Remove the others characters from other shows and games and keep the stories that involved me and my friends. I picked the most underwhelming title that went along the line of being the chosen something. It was more of a placeholder title anyway.

I was told I should stop plenty of times. Sometime I wish I listened but something yearned inside me to see this through. I started thinking about it being a video game. I used X a lot and a new title place holder that lasted a while was given. It became Team X though I would learn way later this is a name X Men have in one of their sub groups. So middle school was mainly hand writing and dreaming of this being a video game. When I went to times 2 academy I shard my book with my friends. They were shocked I was already using vulgar language which ended up being a major stable of my writing style from that point forward.

Then I entered high school. I started to rewrite what was written on my notebooks onto a computer while I was at The Met School. I was often told to stop writing though I always thought that The Met was always about doing what you love. I guess I didn't express myself enough when I said I wanted to be a writer and publish a book. No that didn't matter to my teacher at all I guess. Whenever I found time I wrote anyways.

When I finished copying over everything to a computer, I started to look it over with fresh eyes. I saw the characters were very one dimensional lacking backstory or much depth. So I started editing but I wanted to keep some of the elements of what I had as a kid. I didn't know it then but this is when I realizing how important linguistics was. High school proved to really build a lot of sexual themes that ended up being in my book. I had wanted to publish my book back then but I didn't know how because I was never really allowed to explore that opportunity.

When I graduated and started college I looked over what I wrote and hated everything about it so i nuked the entire project and also learned about the hole X-Men thing. So it was time for a new placeholder title which I called Team Sindas. Completely made up but I really hated this title really fast. I started over trying to flesh out my characters more and building a clearer story that still kept to that magical aspect I used as a kid. I met with an adviser at one point. I told her I wanted to publish a book. She said something along the lines that I would never be able to. It became very clear on that day that I was intent on proving those who doubted me wrong.

I still hated the name Team Sindas. So I thought back to Team X and thought a name that would feel like that. Thus Syndicate X was official born. Every Team Sindas was replaced for a Syndicate X. I really liked this name that wasn't taken. It fit the characters so much more and still had a bit of mystery to it. I was really able to develop my characters and story. Even with all that I felt like I still needed to extend my hand and ask for help.

With that in mind I took a creative writing course. I was so anxious to share my ideas with other creative minds. On that day my paper got trashed by mostly everyone. One student in particular said I would never see my book published. This only made me want to publish more. So on March of 2013 I published Syndicate X. Without thinking about too much within the next year I published the sequel Syndicate: 2. Once my first book arrive at my house everything changed.

I inspected the book and realized it was filled with grammatical errors. I panicked and created the Syndicate X Reading Challenge. This challenge and my books never really caught on expect for a for that perhaps felt bad for me. My dream was virtually crushed with each passing day and not a lot of people giving my new heroes a chance. So I voyaged into making YouTube videos and it's been a very slow incline thus far.

Even with all the despair I never stopped trying to promote Syndicate X. I did another full rewrite and then two major edits afterword. I still hope that one day I could republish my first title. However I still fear that not a lot of people will take an interest in new superheroes. I tried to start a new hashtag being so far that hasn't really gone anyway either. I still have dreams of Syndicate X one day being a new superhero movie and video game. However I don't know if I'll ever get there.

Below is an introducing to the way powers work in this new universe of heroes I'm trying to make along with the main characters bio. This is another attempt to get people to start talking and maybe starting writing about it or making videos or something.

The way powers work is based on magic and manipulation. Each characters power can drain faster or slower depending on their power. It can radical change depending on how long that character has trained with that magic. Those who have magic are simply refereed to as creatures.

The Name of my Main Character is Zeak Dartail. When I was a kid his name was my name Thomas and he didn't have a last name when i started. I wanted him to be like I was and wanted to be like when I was a kid.

One of his powers is energy Manipulation. With this he can make his hands of feet glow with small blue energy. He can blast enemies away or pull them forward. He can also form his energy around objects and manipulate where they go. He can throw big objects as well. There is a second storage of energy that can be unleashed either if he's infuriated or getting close to running out of magic. His energy turns red and the damage and size amplifies.

His title and being the so-called leader of Syndicate X. He easily allows others to try their hand at being leader in particular his girlfriend Jessica or his brother Dajh. He's driven to have fun.

His current age is 21 and he's Hispanic. His strengths include having a deep connection to his loved one and friends. His bazaar charisma often confuses his enemies as they think he's either a psycho or has no clue how to fight. He learned martial arts from his younger brother Dajh. His weakness is that he gets lazy after a few battles. He really hates being in extreme weathers for too long.

Under both weakness and strength is that after meeting Jessica he became over confident in his abilities. Her sarcastic behavior brought out Zeak's sexually promiscuous side which he sometimes uses in battle. He's willing to break traditional rules to get the best result. He loves to have fun with a new found fight or having a date with Jessica. Or hanging out with his pal Tony and his brother Dajh.

Back-story: At the young age of five Zeak discovered he had powers. He wanted to impress his childhood crush Jessica Dalu. He made his hands glow to impress her. However his skeptical father witnessed this. His father hand cuffed his Mother and took out his handgun. He pressed his against Zeak’s forehead. Within a second away from shooting Zeak’s fear made his energy blast the gun away. Zeak took Jessica with her as they escaped into the woods. They meet up with Dajh who teaches them to fight. They wondered aimlessly into a slum area. They were chased Zeak gave everyone they started chasing them the slip. Zeak wondered finding a rich capital. After seeing the people around mocked him he left while also seeing there were machines that were sent to find and stop creatures. Zeak ran into another area of the slums. After being left a lone for some time he managed to reunite with Jessica and his friend Tony. From his lack of education his linguistics are limited. Is brother Dajh taught him how to defend himself from the dangers of the world. Shortly after reuniting with Jessica, Tony and Dajh they form the base line for Syndicate X.


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