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Wendy Burns

I am apauled that Mr. Perkins couldn't get any help when he needed it ... Those whom he has made rich ... Those who treated him disgracefully ..type casting ... This very talented and kind man... I am quite sure if he could have had a good Drs care (even tho AIDS was new and they didn't know much) Tony would have lived longer ... Because of shame loss of work (btw he worked so hard while very sick and directing psycho lll ... I'm only bringing that film up because he was not well even in 86 ... He starred and directed it ... I was heart- broken when he passed ... He is and was my favorite actor ... During Fear Strikes Out, there had been Nasty rumors about Anthony ... I say rumors only due to the fact back then and now it's not acceptable to be a gay man or woman ... Especially in the Biz ... When he was Filming Fear Strikes out... Tony was put down and picked on a lot ... Tab Hunter (also gay, only rumored at the time ) was visiting the set a lot and they had to call that to a quick stop ... Tony and Tab were sent on publicity dates with women and it's amusing to me ... Anthony seems to be enjoying sitting next to Tab Hunter and the gals on the sides (Tab and Tony laughing sitting in the centre) of the photographs ... He had so much grief on the set and being treated badly ... Anthony, was still his beautiful self and tried to entertain the other actors on the set ... Balancing the bat on his chin and other antics ... I applaud him for this ... His brilliant performance in ...FeaR Strikes Out ,IMHO... the bullying by actors, press,movie executives, Piranhas studios as well... Tony's mindset was pushed like his character ... His performance was brilliant .. The reason I'm speaking about Tony's bulling ... I know it didn't make his roll easier in anyway I'm sure much harder ... How's that for irony ? What I'm trying to convey ... Is it's quite sad acting (under watchful eyes) playing a trauma stricken pressured by his father character ... Being pushed to the limits ... I'm curious, Tony's time filming this particular movie ... what he felt ? Tony, was stifled IMHO he couldn't 'escape' Become the full character without perhaps living his own hell during this particular film e.g. emotions, pressure,crawls up on us us... ,famous or not , ... the thespian 'with zero privacy,the spotlight, Literally and figuratively, being gay ... In a stainght world ...pushed to be, and act as what he wasn't ... Paralleling Tony's frustrations in real-life .... couldn't be who he was, couldn't live his life... out and free ... Tony seemed, forced into a half life of someone else in public ....Fear Strikes Out ... Really speaks to me .. . actors aren't immune or baseball players ... Anyone ... On that note, I would say actors due to their creative minds,Creativity can be fragile, Actors, and others, artists, photographers etc... put a lot of 'themselves' into their work .... FEAR STRIKES OUT is ....Based on a true story: Jimmy Piersalls, autobiography of the same name .... Jim, also typecast , Sadly, jimmy, was, entertaining fun-loving, talented Baseball player in his own right ....whom sadly is mostly famous for his nervous-breakdown... Unfortunately not for his talent and love of the game, his great hits, or antics on the field...

When i I started this I wanted to comment on this article... I did get Carried away ... Engulfing feelings about Tony, this particular film ... I.e. Life styles stigma ... Hate ... Misunderstanding, ignorant people ... Even to this day cannot accept ... LGBT, mental illness ... A Myriad of other "differences in all of us" why be the same ? If we all were how boring would life be? I obviously am not a writer to say the least ... I always loved Anthony Perkins and this post made me want to write something beautiful, poignant, and loving for the man ... I'm so angry he had to hide all those years ... Also while so very ill ... And the jerk that ran his blood for HIV without his concent ... Even the medical field can be Bought ! I think we know why the tech or whole ever did the test and "leaked it " saw a sick famous movie star and wanted to make a buck ! Where was the HIPPA act ? I'm sure Tony wouldn't have wanted to sue .. I'm guessing tho that nurse or whom ever would not have made a betrayal on a patient ? Well wait , they do it now? Ok I smashed that dream ! Tony I'm a huge fan ! I love this woman's article about you ... Your life and she mentions you wife's tragic death ... Not many people know this and or care it's so sad... And I want to thank Tony for letting me ask him to watch the filming of psycho lll ... I had called Anita his agent/assistant ... She politely told me ... She would ask Mr. Perkins and get back to me? I was in shock when she did call ... He couldn't have more people on the set as he was "very tired" and directing as well ... He sent me a photo autographed I sent him a letter thanking him for answering me... And I will never forget it ... Maybe an assistant signed it .. I don't think so ! He was a beautiful man nice to his fans .... And really happy I had 3 of his records yes a die hard fan all the way ! Sept 1992 was one of the worst times/months I've ever had ... Tony we love you and thank you for your life and all you did for us .. You made us laugh,cry,grab our seats, hold us in suspense... There isn't another Actor alive today or then or future that will ever stack up to you ! We love you Tony ! I want you to know how much you were and are loved and missed ! And I hope the world is kind to your beautiful sons .. I'm so sorry about Barry ... And I miss you most of all ...

please dont cucify me here, I'm not great expressing things, I, really,well, ...something was pulling at me comment ...not this huge book .. Again love and piece !

These are my thoughts, ideas, not truths, or actual acounts of Mr. Perkins life or trying to say how he really felt only my ideas ....I hope I shed light re: my love for Tony Perkins properly thank you below is my autographed photo and check his wife signed for catch 22


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