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Another day, another new and amazing tool to use on Moviepilot. This time, we're introducing a feature that the whole community can get involved with - the Open List!

Ever seen a fan cast and raged at your screen, or a Top List where there was just something or someone missing? Well now we have the tool to help you turn that pent-up fan frustration we all experience into something constructive, and the best part is that the community can decide which list item is most deserving of the top spot!

Once you've created a list and added your entries (you can add as many as you like), other Creators can add to the list, and upvote/downvote their favorite entries. Ready to see how popular your opinions really are?

Here's how it all works:

Firstly - click on the newly added 'open list' when you hit that 'start writing' button on Moviepilot.

add as many list items as you like!
add as many list items as you like!

And here's how everyone can get involved:

This is our first real 'community power tool', in that the reader has the ultimate power to move your submission up or down the list. Simply upvote (green), downvote (red), or don't vote (white: if for some reason you're feeling completely neutral).

And that's it! Now you can start creating ultimate listicles and testing your powers of persuasion on the Moviepilot audience!


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