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Here are my 2 (...or 3 :-D) cents 'bout that, ladies and gentlemen. Sorry @Chris for spamming your article. ----- In general , I am of course pro equality, men and women should be treated and paid the same, if they do the same job in the same quality. I am in highest respect of women and appreciate a woman's work just the same as a man's work, I even prefer women's work in many parts of my life. This includes many jobs, which have been seen for a long time as men's jobs. ----- I still am not on Lawrence's side in this - a woman earning more per year than any sane person can spend in a lifetime (52 million dollars per year) who is still complaining not to earn enough - that's ridiculous, sorry. I am not jealous, I just can't understand why it is of ANY interest, if you get a few million dollars more or less. They could offer me 20 millions, and I would be like, "Holy shit, cool, okay." They could tell me "But hey, your co-star will earn double that amount - for totally no reason". And I would be like "But I will still get 20 millions? Really? Sure, okay, what do I care what you pay others." If you are honest, in this dimension, it's only numbers, without real meanings. She is fighting a fight for having some more numbers on her bank account, which she doesn't need at all. It's a fight about a principle, I understand it, but shouldn't we first talk about parts of the world, where it is impossible for a girl to be independent, where she has no right for any decisions at all without a husband, and worse? Here 52 millions, here 38 millions, here, take another 25 millions - still not enough? Opening posts and going viral for not having enough, while she could use her popularity for fighting real problems on this world ? That's insane, really insane. People starve on this planet, cannot get education, have no homes, and the public supports an actress (!), who is accusing a complete industry (and to make this clear: an industry which brought her millions over millions of dollars ! Bad dudes ! Bad bad dudes !) for getting like, 20 million dollar less than the male role in a movie. Again: I am pro paying men and women equally for the same work. But if I were a studio executive, I would never hire her again. I would be afraid, after I have given her millions of dollars for some months of acting, that she will be accusing me for giving her not enough for whatever reason. ----- Last, but not least: yes, Hollywood is a sexistic industry. And that sucks, okay. Lawrence still decided voluntarily to take part in this and made multi million dollars with that decision. And now she accuses the industry which made her rich and famous. That's kind of paradox. Is that a flawed system? Of course, and we need to improve that and give women the same rights as men in all parts of our lifes ! It is unfair, that Lawrence is getting only 52 million dollars per year? Well, if you have come so far and read this all, I am pretty sure you can decide at least how I am thinking about this. I will support her, when the studios agree to pay her the gap to male actors, and she gives all that extra money into charity. That's the only way how all these senseless numbers can gain real world value. Thank you for reading.

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