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I don't think movie adaptations will ever end. Nor do I think they should. I believe it's a great way to celebrate the thrilling stories of the past if they're told correctly and with love. Sure, we could use less to give more original stories better time to shine. Still, the average moviegoer has a limited budget for such luxuries and movie adaptions of retro products have a bit more of a fanbase than something wholly original a.k.a. not from a book or a tv show. Just like they'll make a million interpretations of Shakespeare, there will be just as many classic stories being remade and adapted for the big screen.

Dragonball Z

The Dragon Ball movie was a flop. Almost everyone hated it. I enjoyed parts of it but I'm not under any illusions that it's a good movie. It's not completely impossible to make a good Dragon Ball Z movie though. Most of us have grown up on Dragon Ball Z, some of us haven't grown up because the new Dragon Ball series. Dragon Ball Z inspired a lot of anime and their games are still being released. With the new series you can expect another two or three games. Even the casual watcher can admit that Dragon Ball Z had some of the best fights for its time, even if they did stand still and charge up for a few episodes later on. I think the dedicated fanbase should be rewarded with a good film. It's not impossible.

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Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog

I loved this show. It was interesting and it felt more adult and complex than Power Rangers did at the time. I know I'm probably looking at it through rose colored glasses but that's the point of movie adaptations, to improve and revive. Batman "Under the Hood" would have just remained a controversial and disliked book about had it not been made into a fantastic animated movie. This show had a CG dragon way before Mystic Force did it. Besides all the acting was terrible for these shows back then, try getting through VR troopers or Masked Rider. This one tried to be something different, not taking footage from anywhere else and just making it on it's own.

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Miles Morales

I really like Miles Morales' story. There's no real profound reason for me wanting this movie. There are a lot of characters with a lot more history that deserve the spotlight more. Still, we've seen two Peter Parkers and they're working on a third. I love Peter Parker but we know his story. Everyone says they're still waiting for a more accurate portrayal of Peter Parker and I can understand that but I don't see why we can't also have Miles Morales. A lot of heroes have similar names and shtick. There is a whole Spider-verse filled with all the spider themed characters from across the universes. Spider-man has had clones. There are multiple Spider-women, though Jessica Drew isn't of the same family as Spider-man and people like Silk or Kaine. Even the casual moviegoer can understand multiple universes. I think everyone but very young kids understand at least the basics of multiple universes. I don't think they should treat moviegoers as too simple to understand that Miles Morales is different from and in a different place than Peter Parker.

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I believe more people grew up with Pokémon than even Dragonball Z. One basic reason is that there are 18 seasons. Pokémon is still making episodes to this day with kids still growing up with it. I think the Pokémon movie using a new character would be in it's best interest. Obviously are the best choice for starters would be the Johto starters because they're the best.

I've made life choices easier than I could decide between these three. Everyone might love Series 1 starters but these three are where things got complicated for me. Series 1 had the awesome Pokémon Yellow where you could get all three but none of the others had that. I think each time we get a third game like crystal, emerald or platinum you should get a default starter and get all three regular starters through the course of the game. That'd be more interesting to me.

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What movie adaptation would you like to see?


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