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I've seen cosplay before. I've seen people that could convince you they had brought a Marvel character to life. I've also seen artists remake Marvel objects before (and I still dream of one day owning my own Iron Man suit) but what one fan just did was still able to blow my mind!

You won't actually believe it when you see it, but of all the awesome Marvel artifacts (including the infinity gauntlet that allows you to control the universe) this fan has recreated my favourite! Below is a YouTube video which shows a real life version of...


That's right, I am not talking about a father naming his child Mjolnir because he is the only one that can control it, I'm talking about a guy that made a hammer of the same size, and he is the only one able to lift it!

Check out the incredible video from YouTuber "Sufficiently Advanced" below!

Wow! In case you didn't watch the video, the guy has electromagnets in the hammer, so when he places it on metal surfaces it will stick to them and make it practically unliftable... except when he places his fingerprint on it, which turns off the magnets! Isn't that the best thing you've seen all day? If not, then your life is better than mine!

In case you (somehow) don't know, Mjolnir is the famous hammer that Thor carries around with him. Only those worthy of the power of Thor are able to lift the hammer, and as such Thor is (usually) the only one!

Well there was that one time...
Well there was that one time...

This guy has brought us one step closer to having real life Marvel Superheroes. All we need now is to be able to fly with the hammer...

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