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(Round One concluded on the 19th of Oct. It was shared late. Apologizes that your vote on Round One is meaningless. The best thing you can do is vote on Round Two now!)

The Justice League is debatably the most powerful superhero team among all others. However, if they ever crossed each other in battle, who would win? Who is the most creative, powerful, knowledgeable, skillful, instinctive and durable in the J.L.A.?

Well now you can decide. Vote for your champion in the battles below.


Powers and Skills: Super strength, super speed, invulnerability, heat vision, x-ray vision, flight and the ability to process information at advanced speeds. Superman's alternate persona as reporter Clark Kent has given him a keen sense of observation and problem solving.

Weaknesses: Kryptonite, magic and a willingness to hold back.



Powers and Skills: Super strength, super speed, flight, stamina, courage of Achilles, wisdom of Solomon, power of magic i.e. lightning and thunder.

Weakness: High powered magic, immaturity of a teenager.


Superman Or Shazam

The Flash

Powers and Skills: Super speed, advanced healing and ability to process information at advanced speeds.

Weaknesses: Must consume a high amount of calories on a frequent basis, incapable of running on ice and susceptible to bullets and both blunt and edged weapons.



Powers and Skills: Super strength, advanced speed, endurance and durability. Cyborg can interface with tech. He has heightened hearing with tech, as well as mechanical armor, flight with tech, sensor systems and integrated weapons i.e. lasers and explosives.

Weakness: Susceptible to hacking and being shut down, literally.


The Flash Or Cyborg?

Wonder Woman

Powers and Skills: Super strength, flight, bullet proof bracelets and Lasso of Truth. She is also an expert in multiple forms of martial arts in both armed and unarmed combat. She is a master athlete and acrobat. Wonder Woman is also an expert strategist when it comes to the art of warfare.

Weakness: Vulnerable to edged weapons. Having her gauntlets bound together renders her completely useless. Susceptible to her own Lasso.



Powers and Skills: His Bat-suit provides him protection against gun fire, flames and hard impact. His utility belt equips him with explosives, gas agents, batarangs, smoke bombs, forensic equipment, a grappling gun and a re-breather. Batman is also at peak human fitness enabling him to have heightened strength, speed, stamina, reflexes and agility. Batman is also the worlds greatest detective and a brilliant scientific mind. As well as a a expert tactician.

Weakness: Susceptible to all human weaknesses i.e. projectiles and both edged and blunt weapons. Magic and mind manipulation also have deadly effects. Ranged attacks also hinder the Dark Knight, as he does best in close and unarmed combat. Is also unwilling to kill, which may result in his own death.


Wonder Woman Or Batman?

Martian Manhunter

Powers and Skills: Super strength, super speed and invulnerability. His body can regenerate. He has the use of telekinesis, enabling him the power of flight, martian vision and vortex breath. Martian Manhunter is also the strongest telepath in the universe, allowing him to both project and receive information and thoughts from someones mind. Skilled in the art of shape shifting, he can take on any form that is presented to him. The Martian can also prove himself stealthy through the powers of both invisibility and intangibility, allowing him to phase through objects and be undetectable to the naked eye. He also has the ability to absorb and project energy projectiles such as laser beams and explosions.

Weakness: Fire is Martian Manhunter's only weakness. In the presence of fire he will lose control of his powers and in the case of a large fire, his physical form.



Powers and Skills: Super strength, durability, control over all ocean creatures, exceptional swimmer enabling super speed, as well as the ability to breath underwater.

Weakness: Aquaman must remain in water, albeit fresh or saltwater in order to stay alive and at strong levels of power. He can only last several hours out of water before he becomes affected.


Martian Manhunter Or Aquaman?

Let the voting begin and the battles rage on.

Also for you Marvel fans, you can go cast a vote for who you think would win in this Marvel character Battle fellow creator Trevor Norkey created HERE


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