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Gender inequality in Hollywood..... who gives a crap. They make more than most anyone in the country. They can't bitch about money. I'm sorry I like Jennifer Lawrence and most of the others listed but there is more important versions of inequality. Yes it's horrible women aren't treated the same as men in the work place but there are more important things that people should be fighting for. How about the people who run this country. Well maybe not run but they make our world go around. Most people would go crazy without truck drivers delivering everything we buy. I know this has nothing to do with movies but I really don't care I am so tired of reading about rich people complaining that they don't make as much as someone else. It's horrible. Truck drivers get paid by the mile and they don't get paid a lot per mile. How would you feel if you were making 30 cents a mile and only getting Maybe 400 miles a week because the company can't find the loads on a good week yeah 30 cents a mile is good but it's very rare a good week happens. Then their is the trucking industry which feels as if everything is on the driver. Not everything is the drivers fault but the government and the industry refusing the fight the injustice. Some companies just want to use the laws to save their own asses but others just don't care enough to fight. But most of these men and women have families they spend most of their time away from their familes because they were misguided into believing they could take care of their famikies. That's a lie. They were told they could have affordable benefits for their family. That's a lie. 600 a month is not affordable that's more than most rent payments. These men and women sacrifice relationships amoung everything else and people are more worried about people in Hollywood not being paid fairly. I myself have been looking into ways to change things but it doesn't seem to be helping. If anyone decides to read this and can help show me how to make a change please leave a comment and give me advice. Let me give you a very real and true examale of how dangerous this job is along with how it's always the drivers fault even when it's not. I was riding along with my husband because it's the only way we have time for each other. He picked up his load and began our trip to drop the load near our home. We pulled into a truck stop for a bite to eat when the load shifted and nearly flipped the truck. We were very scared and concerned as the trailed was up in the air. He reacted quickly trying everything to keep the truck from rolling over and he succeeded barely. We were going no more that 5 miles an hour on that turn into the parking lot. He called it in because he knew he had to even though he knew what they were going to say. They kept telling him that it was not possible for the trailer to do that without him hitting something but he didnt. He had me as a witness and a worker from the store saw it all. All the company cared about was that there was someone to blame. He saved them so much money by saving their truck but didn't even get a nice work or thank you for the great work they didn't care about how he was doing they just wanted him to keep driving. The trailer was so messed up it was hard to make the delivery safely but they didn't care. These drivers need some one who is willing to fight for them and the injustice they deal with everyday. I need some one to help me with that fight. And stop worrying about those in Hollywood making more money. Does anyone else care?


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