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*Spoilers for The Flash season 2*

At this weekends New York City Comic Con, we were gifted with a two minute sizzle reel for the second season of The Flash. We were introduced to Hawkgirl, Zoom and we even got to see Vandal Savage, but there was one seen that intrigued me the most.

Around the 1:15 mark we are given a glimpse of Martin Stein enveloped in a blue flame. This could be construed as some kind of corrosive energy, due to the prevalence of blue in Zoom's speed force, or something worse. Something much worse.

Will The Flash introduce Deathstorm?

Deathstorm (for the uninitiated) is literally what he sounds like, a dead Firestorm. During 2010's Blackest Night event, the then dead Ronnie Reymond rose from the dead to unleash war on humankind as a vital member of the Black Lantern Corps.

During this event, Deathstorm presented himself with blue flames similar to the ones that enshroud Stein. It is worthwhile to note that in the Flashpoint universe, Stein is the Deathstorm of Earth-3. He was contracted to battle the Crime Syndicate (a brutal, alternate-Earth version of the Justice League) but instead experimented on himself, accidentally transforming himself into Deathstorm.

Martin Stein as Deathstorm
Martin Stein as Deathstorm

How can The Flash introduce Deathstorm?

Raymond as Black Lantern Deathstorm
Raymond as Black Lantern Deathstorm

in last night's episode, Professor Stein was having trouble that seemed related to the loss of Ronnie and the Firestorm Matrix. What if Stein has been experimenting on himself, much like his Earth 3 counterpart, and what we have seen is the beginning of Deathstorm? The death of Ronnie and the abrupt appearance of blue flames is a crazy coincidence. It's also worthwhile noting that Deathstorm was the first Black Lantern to 'live' without his former 'self'.

Deathstorm could be the show's way to reintroduce Ronnie. Bring him back as the villainous Deathstorm, have him be used as Zoom's greatest weapon against team Flash. Once he separates and Zoom is defeated, the show could use Deathstorm as season three's big bad. Also, how awesome would it be to see Ronnie Raymond attack Stein and his wife in a scene similar to Raymond attacking fellow Firestorm alumni Jason Rusch's girlfriend?


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