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Deep thoughts. Burning questions.
Tyler Rollins

I'll be the first to admit I am a HUGE Darth Vader fan. He's eerily cool looking, he rocks a memorable voice, and his breathing is iconic. I just watched episodes four through six and had to ask myself, "what has Darth Vader done to make him so popular?" Of course, he has done many memorable feats, like destroy planets and defeat Obi- Won (sort of) but all villains (Star Wars or not) have achieved measurable achievements. Why is he so special? Why is he such a symbol for the franchise and villains everywhere? Am I the only one who doesn't understand why Darth Vader is so highly regarded as a bad guy? Maybe it's his involvement in one of the biggest plot twists in films' history. Or maybe we are just putting him on a pedestal without him earning it.

Based on the Star Wars films, we hold him in such a high regard that many fans don't want to see him return to Episode VII. Why? What has he done that entitles him to be "retired." How could allowing his story to continue in the new saga diminish his reputation? I understand I'm in the minority here and some might find my lack of faith disturbing, but someone's gotta ask the question.


Am I crazy?


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