ByJamil Wright, writer at
Jamil Wright

So it turns out another superhero might finally be getting his own Netflix show along with Daredevil and Jessica Jones! Ther rumor comes from Umberto “El Mayimbe” Gonzales in this video.

About 10 minutes into the video we hear them discussing their prediction of what Marvel's plans might be for 2020 and yes they said it; It is possible that a new show will follow none other than:

Moon Knight

For those who don't know much about Moon Knight, he's another anti-hero like the Punisher and Elektra. He's a superb athlete, master martial artist, skilled acrobat, gymnast and detective just to a name a few. I think he would fit perfectly into the MCU and with a character like this, Netflix is indeed the right choice. In a show like this I'd like to see them really stay true to the character. Moon Knight is a very unique character and making him come alive on the screen would be awesome. Since he changes during a full Moon into a brutal anti hero, seeing him team up with Daredevil or even Punisher would be insane! Better yet, what if Scott Adkins were to play him? Awesome right!?


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