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As part of Universal's answer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they're bringing back their classic monsters for a whole connected slate of movies. The first of their signature baddies to get a release is The Mummy, and I know what you're thinking: how could they mess with perfection?

Rest assured, this is not a straight reboot of the amazing Brendan Fraser movie from 1999, so you don't have to worry about them treading on any of awesome scenes like this:

Instead, Universal is going back to its roots and digging up The Mummy from 1932 for inspiration. Sure, Fraser's film was also technically a remake, but only if we're working with the loosest definition of that word. It could be because I grew up with it, but I consider it to be its own entity.

Now, the upcoming Mummy will start again in the hopes of kicking off a comprehensive monster universe. In an unexpected twist, director Alex Kurtzman and writer Jon Spaihts have announced one potential twist to the character that even Imhotep couldn't have seen coming.

They're considering moving forward with a female mummy

To them, it's all going to come down to casting. and they've come up with two distinct story options: one involving a male monster and the other featuring a female. In both cases, the mummy will get an original backstory that's separate from what we've seen onscreen so far.

The fact that they are testing all possible actors and actresses in their hunt for the perfect casting makes this movie all the more likely to be great, so I'm all for a change-up. The story is set in the modern day and might feature a set of Navy SEALS ending up in a forbidden tomb while hunting for terrorists.

Once this major casting choice has been made, probably over the next few months, we'll get more details on the plot and what future monster movies with Frankenstein and the Invisible Man might look like.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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