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Wreck-It Ralph has been out since 2012 and it is easily one of, if not the best Disney movie ever made. I'm a huge Disney fan and this movie managed to break into my top 10 favorite Disney movies, possibly even top 5 it was so good. And the best part about it was the story behind it. Yes, it was about a bunch of video games interacting with each other and fighting the cybugs. But at its heart, the movie was about oppression, dealing with bullies, accepting yourself, and finding your place in this world.

It was done in such an eloquent way that anyone could understand it. Vanellope and Ralph are both loveable characters with many things going for them. Vanellope can race like there's no tomorrow and Ralph is strong enough to cause volcanic eruptions and level buildings. I know many people who would love those attributes. However, these characters were bullied and segregated for their differences from their other game members.

You can imagine how excited I was when I found out that Wreck-It Ralph 2 in in the works.

I think I made that exact face. I may or may not have gotten several weird looks for it while on the ferry back to college.

Naturally, when I found out that this was a thing (which in all honesty took way too long to learn about) I started to speculate. And I had a general idea for a plot that might work, but I'm no movie making genius. So instead of sharing a half-way thought out one quarter of the way finished first draft of a plot that might not be all that great, I'm going to share with you five things that I think we deserve to see in the next Wreck-It Ralph.

1. Super Smash Bros.

Ever since rumors have begun to float around that Disney and Nintendo are working on merging together, the thought that we might see an awesome Smash Wreck-It Ralph crossover in the next movie or in the next game got fans high on excitement and speculation.

Now while that would be fantastic and awesome to see, I think if they were to introduce Smash into the world of Wreck-It Ralph it would only be something like Felix talking with Mario and Sonic about getting into the next Smash game. Mario and Sonic would tell him that he's a shoo in for the next game. As felix leaves all triumphantly, the two other characters would walk back towards their Smash game and talk about how Felix would never be in the next one. Something along the lines of:

"He's a never going to be in the smash."-Mario

"Not him, no. That hammer only fixes things. But Ralph, though . . ."-Sonic

"That a big wrecker? The one who let out the cybugs?"-Mario

"You're right, we don't need anything like that in our game."-Sonic

And as they walk off, you can hear the crowd shouting for Zero Suit Samus to win the current battle.

2. Fix-It Felix

No not that Felix. That's Fix-It Felix Jr. I'm talking about Fix-It Felix. His dad.

This would be both awesome and eyebrow raising would be the introduction of the original Fix-It Felix game. We'd get to see a fantastic reunion between father and son when the older game gets added to the arcade. Which not only would put pressure on Fix-It Felix Jr. to impress his father and look good in his eyes, but there would be two Ralphs.

One Ralph couldn't possibly be able to live in both Fix-It Felix and Fix-It Felix Jr. So there would have to be two Ralphs. And more than likely, these two Ralphs have experienced very different situations in regards to their games.

The way I see this going down is that Felix Sr. is an oppressive and racist game character. He feels that 8-bit games are the best games out there and that the Ralphs, both new and old, are bad guys who need to be ignored and judged to stop them from being even more bad. As a result, the ever-loving always-hoping-to-impress Felix Jr. will distance himself from his friends because of his dad's influence on him.

Ralph, Vanellope, Sergeant Calhoun, and whatever other friends they have will have to band together to remind Felix Jr. who he is and show Felix Sr. what's what.

3. The arcade

Okay, yes, we did see quite a bit of the arcade in the first movie. But what I'm looking for here is a little more tension outside of the games. Other than just games being shut down.

Here's something that could work. The owner of the arcade is a decently old guy. And for an old guy running an arcade all by himself for at least 30 years (since Ralph's game has been at the arcade that long) he's done a fantastic job for himself. And since Ralph reinvented his game, I can only assume that more people have come to see this game.

There are most certainly gamers from around the world wanting to see the game with the awesome glitch. The same goes for Sugar Rush. Soon enough the arcade will be world famous as more and more nostalgic gamers and game collectors learn of these awesome games. The arcade will be a booming success and soon enough, the arcade will need more employees. And one person I'd love to see return as an employee is that fantastic girl in pink who discovered the awesome bonus level in Wreck-It Ralph 2.

She could get hired, and just like in the last movie her journey could parallel that of our main characters. In the first one, Ralph and Vanellope were left out and segregated. As time went on, it was their quirkiness and their ability to find the good in the different parts of themselves that made them popular. Just as they did, this awesome gamer girl found herself not being allowed to play a game. And then she discovered the awesomeness of Wreck-It Ralph's bonus level making herself and the game popular.

4. Restarting Games

While the above visual was very sad (and thankfully only a visual) it did get me thinking a bit about the games in general. The older games like Wreck-It Ralph and Pacman would need to be unplugged to deal with the problems. But several of the newer games like Sugar Rush and Hero's Duty wouldn't necessarily need that.

If a glitch or issue came up, the game could just be restarted and when that happens the issues are resolved. Now we know that Sugar Rush and Fix-It Felix Jr. won't be restarted because the glitches have made the arcade prosper and made it world famous. But what about other games. What about these newer games that could have glitches?

Let's say that Hero's Duty glitches out in a detrimental way that makes playing it nearly impossible. Like the FPS can't move forward anymore, so whoever is playing the game can't do anything. So this gets reported either to our fabulously pink gamer girl or the arcade manager. Well, the game doesn't need to be unplugged. They'll just restart it.

However, when the games get restarted, the entire game needs to reboot and the original code of the game and the character's comes back into play. And all of a sudden, Sergeant Calhoun and Fix-It Felix Jr. are no longer a thing because she can't remember him. All she remembers is the heartbreaking moment where her first husband gets killed by a cybug.

That original character who was afraid of the cybugs runs into Ralph and he distinctly remembers having the exact same conversation previously. So, with the aid of Vanellope and Felix, Ralph heads over to Hero's Duty after the arcade shuts down to check in on the game. And that's when they learn the game rebooted and Calhoun doesn't remember Felix at all.

But this game is the first game in a long string of games with glitches that get restarted. Soon enough, a game character who knows a glitch in their own game comes to Ralph and Vanellope fearful that their game will be rebooted because of their glitch friend. So now our protagonists need to find a way to save the other arcade games from being rebooted.

5. Expanding Game Central Station

With the fame and fortune coming into the arcade and with more and more employees, our manager is probably going to want to expand. So, naturally he'll buy more games for his arcade and get more people coming in and out of the arcade. And that will mean we'll see more foot traffic in Game Central Station.

And it already looks incredibly busy with hundreds of game characters going from one place to another. With the expanding arcade and the ever growing Game Central Station, there would probably have to be a few new stations opened up to house all these games. And on an adventure to meet new people, one of our favorite characters could get lost.

My money's on Fix-It Felix Jr. He doesn't seem too sure of himself.

So then our other characters would have to go and find him. I'm not too sure about whether or not Vanellope can leave her game or not. Her game was reset so everyone's memories returned, but she still glitches. But I really hope she can. Because having her along for the journey would be stupendous.

Namely because she'd add her own conflict to the story. She'd get distracted constantly and try and do different things she never thought she could. And Ralph would have to keep an eye on her as she constantly ran off. As he went to go help her, Calhoun would get separated wanting to not lose another love and remaining more focused than ever before. And soon enough, all four of our characters would be searching for each other throughout the gaming system.


I honestly don't know what's going to happen in the sequel. But if any of this will happen, I request total credit from Disney, a medal that says "you're my hero", a copy of the arcade version of Fix-It Felix Jr., and a week-long trip to Disney World. Oh, and a pony.

No, seriously though, this stuff would be awesome to have in there. What do you guys think?


What do you want to see in Wreck-It Ralph 2?


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